• Home city: Tarn
  • Born: Cycle 3714
  • Alternate mode: Spaceship

   Forged in the early days of the Silver Age, Shockwave was apprenticed to Jhiaxus, who favored him above all other students. This frequently placed him at odds with his peers, but he cared not for making friends and simply wished to lead Cybertron towards a brighter future. After the Ark’s departure, Shockwave was appointed to the High Council by Nominus Prime, representing his home city of Tarn. Shockwave marked the occasion with the foundation of the Jhiaxian Academy of Advanced Technology in honor of his lost mentor.

   As time went on, Shockwave began using the J.A.A.T. as a haven for Transformers with powers not strictly tied to their alt modes, which was seen as an anomaly and religious affront by the rising Functionist Council. Shockwave trained these Transformers and helped them control their powers before releasing them back into the world with the Functionists none the wiser of their abilities.

   When war broke out, Shockwave refused to take a side and remained mum on the subject of the Decepticons. He did raise suspicions when he began allowing Decepticon sympathizers into his academy but Sentinel Prime accepted his defense that he simply refused to discriminate against his fellow Cybertronians. A millennia after the First Great War, Shockwave was approached by Trannis, who convinced the Councilor to join the resurgent Decepticons and work as their “mole” within the Autobots. Shortly after joining the Decepticons, Shockwave began development for the Regenesis Program, planning to seed worlds across the galaxy with ores of energon with the intent of harvesting them in the future.

   In Cycle 8814, the Decepticons began making their move. Through Shockwave, they attempted to coordinate an assassination attempt on Sentinel Prime. This however was only a means of sowing dissent across Cybertron and setting the stage for the Decepticons to take over. Things took an unexpected turn when Optronix — an Autobot whom both Sentinel and Trannis had been shaping to be their puppet — turned against both of them and took control of the Decepticons, killing Sentinel and overthrowing Trannis. With his involvement already out in the open, Shockwave had no choice but to follow Megatron’s rule.

   Early on in the Second Great War, Shockwave created an artificial Decepticon soldier whom he named Shockblast. However, Shockblast immediately went feral and went on a rampage across New Kaon. After Shockwave’s creation had been apprehended, Megatron had the former High Councilor’s spark be implanted into Shockblast as punishment, forcing Shockwave to live in the body of his failure. From this point forward, Shockwave dropped the facade of a cheerful politician and was now a cold, emotionless strategist/scientist, conducting a number of ruthless experiments and operations for the Decepticon Empire.

   After the disastrous Simanzi Massacres, Shockwave lost faith in Megatron’s ability to return Cybertron to its Golden Age. Joining together with Hydra and Delta Magnus, Shockwave helped establish the Secret Order, a coalition that would work behind the scenes in the hopes of driving the war to a favorable outcome. Shockwave was aware of Delta Magnus’ secret loyalty to Quintus Prime but remained quiet about it, preferring to stand back and watch how things would proceed.

   Late into the war, the Decepticons began developing Transwarp technology under Shockwave’s watch. Setting up operations on Sigma VII, Shockwave subjected the Autobot Sprint to a number of tests, sending him to various points in the future only to send him so far that the Decepticons are unable to retrieve him. While the Sigma Project was ultimately cancelled, along with the Decepticons’ other plans for the Transwarp tech, Shockwave decided to make further use of it and installed transwarp drives on his various Regenesis ores, sending them into the distant past so that he would be able to witness their results and harvest them in the present.

   Following the Cataclysm, Optimus Prime organized a crew of Autobots and set off in search of the mythical AllSpark. Megatron immediately took pursuit and left Shockwave in charge of the Decepticon forces, ordering him to lead an attack on the Autobots who had been left in disarray. However, when contact with both leaders were lost, Shockwave feared the war would spiral into further chaos. Not wanting to upset the Secret Order’s plans, Shockwave pursued a temporary truce with the Autobots until their leaders returned. Ultra Magnus agreed to the truce and Shockwave led the Decepticons back to New Kaon.

   During the relative peace that ensued, Shockwave decided to take the opportunity to ensure that a Dark Energon-induced cataclysm never occurred again. Salvaging Thunderwing’s remains, he ended up creating the super-soldier “Ragnarok” as a potential failsafe for such an event. However, when Ragnarok began displaying characteristics shared with Thunderwing, Shockwave abandoned the project and left the deactivated Ragnarok in the hands of Tarantulas.

   Meanwhile, Shockwave returned to his studies regarding the Regenesis program and the development of Transwarp technology. After perfecting the latter for traveling to the future, Shockwave tasked three Decepticons — Windtrail, Fearstorm, and Viral — with monitoring the development of Ore-13 on Earth over the course of several centuries. Meanwhile, Shockwave began conducting his own observations of present-day Earth. In Cycle 9784, he came into contact with a mysterious ship which he shot down, not expecting it to be flung through time by its strange cargo. Shockwave followed the Axalon 20,000 years into the past, where he decided to use the amnesiac crew to conduct a psychological experiment by convincing them they were important figures of the war, such as Optimus Prime, Megatron and even himself.

   Thirty years later, Windtrail and his team discovered that Earth’s technology was advancing in ways similar to Cybertron’s in the form of cruise liner ships, Shockwave ordered them to commandeer said ships and bring them back to the present for him to study. However, the three Decepticons were apprehended and defeated by the Autobot agent Skids, throwing a spanner into Shockwave’s scheme.

   Not long after Windtrail and his team had been defeated in Cycle 9814, contact was reestablished with Megatron, who ordered Shockwave to commence a full-scale invasion on Cybertron. Shortly after Protocol Ultimatum was underway, Megatron was usurped by the Heralds of Unicron, who proceeded to take over the Decepticons and drive the Autobots off Cybertron. Knowing Shockwave would prove a threat to his command, Galvatron swiftly executed the Decepticon commander as soon as the battle was over.

   This however was not the end for Shockwave. He had already taken precautions in the event of his death and had his memory banks backed up on a hard drive within his assistant Fistfight. The Secret Order recovered this hard drive and created a number of proxy bodies from the protoforms they had stored on Outpost Two.

   In the wake of Unicron’s destruction, the Secret Order began making its move to take over Cybertron. Early on in their plot, they formed an alliance with the remaining Heralds of Unicron, who secretly planned to use the Order’s facilities to bring back their master. Shockwave tolerated their scheme so long as it benefited the Secret Order’s ultimate goal.

   Six months after the war’s end, Shockwave used one of his proxy bodies to capture Optimus Prime, sending him to a rogue agent of the Galactic Council in exchange for materials. Meanwhile, another of his bodies ended up on the Lost Light and mentored the clone Megatron, grooming him to take command of the Decepticons for the Order’s purposes. When the Heralds of Unicron’s plot failed, Shockwave and the Secret Order retreated from the Floating Fortress and regrouped with Hydra’s forces, gathering at Necroworld.

   It was on Necroworld that the Secret Order as Shockwave knew it began falling open. Delta Magnus revealed her true nature as a herald of Quintus Prime, resulting in the other Order members turning against her, while Hydra deactivated herself in despair. In the end, Delta Magnus retreated with the Mothership while Shockwave returned to Cybertron with a revived Soundwave, leaving the rest of the Order behind. Upon returning to Cybertron, Shockwave convinced Soundwave in helping him locate a Prime who would aid them in their ultimate goal to bring forth a lasting Cybertronian Empire.

   The pair would eventually find such a candidate in the form of Megatronus. The fallen Prime had recently returned to take his revenge on Cybertron and had since gathered a small army of Monstercons for him to command. After convincing Megatronus to join them in their endeavors, Shockwave and Soundwave then sought out the Decepticon warlord Deathsaurus, who was currently leading an alliance with Shockwave’s former student Tarn. While Tarn was adverse to allying with a Prime, Deathsaurus was quick to pledge his forces to the Fallen, providing Shockwave and Soundwave with additional forces for them to use. At Megatronus’ behest, the Decepticons traveled to Earth to seek out the Void Scepter. While there, Shockwave took the time to arrange for the deaths of Tarn and the D.J.D. so as to prevent them from becoming an interference.

   While the Decepticons succeeded in retrieving the Void Scepter, Shockwave knew that they could not leave Earth just yet; during the search for the Scepter, he had sensed that a former subject of his — Ragnarok — had come to the planet and came to fear that Thunderwing’s original personality had since resurfaced. While the Fallen was dubious at first, he was forced to change his tune when he and Shockwave later bore witness to Ragnarok claiming the Matrix of Leadership for himself and using it to reformat himself back into Thunderwing. This turn in events ended up switching Shockwave and Megatronus’ positions; while Shockwave saw it more logical to leave Earth before Thunderwing tracked them down, the Fallen wished to stay and challenge the rogue Decepticon for the Matrix. The ancient Prime’s stubbornness forced Shockwave to play his hand and had Soundwave overcome Megatronus, banishing him to Earth with the Void Scepter while the rest of them departed for Combatron. Upon reaching Combatron however, they were betrayed by their newfound ally Delphi — in fact a minion of Quintus Prime — who used the Void Scepter to free her master and bring Deathsaurus’ army under her control. Deprived of their assets, Shockwave and Soundwave were forced to retreat.

   Realizing that he would not be able to combat the threat of Thunderwing any other way, Shockwave decided to reach out to the Autobots through his former agent Viral. After convincing the Autobots to accept his and Soundwave’s assistance, Shockwave traveled to Cybertron where he found Starscream and modified him and four other Decepticons to be combiner-compatible. The resulting gestalt then joined in the fight against Thunderwing’s forces, utilizing Shockwave as a gun to disable Liokaiser. After Thunderwing had been vanquished, Shockwave and Starscream came to represent the Decepticon remnant on the newly-formed Council of Worlds.

  • Home city: Triax
  • Born:
  • Alternate mode: Jet and tank

   Some fail to realize just how old Blitzwing is. Forged during the later years of the Silver Age, Blitzwing served as a captain in the Triorian Guard and was part of the unit that arrested a group of upstart miners led by the bot who would one day be known as Trannis. When the Decepticon Empire rose, Blitzwing remained loyal to the Autobots, although he would often have his doubts.

   After the First War, Blitzwing was still a member of the Triorian Guard, assigned to the Primal Basilica. When functionism came to the forefront, Blitzwing began to have even more doubts in the systems, particularly when bots like him — those who had more than two modes — ended up under the Functionists watch. In Cycle 8519, he was taken from his home in Triax and brought to the Institute, where the Functionists performed experiments on him in an attempt to understand his ability to carry more than one alt mode.

   The process left Blitzwing worse for wear and he was honorably discharged from the Triorian Guard. Overtime he began to develop a multiple personality disorder, which manifested in the form of three faces which he switched between: his normal face; a cold, calculating face; and a demented face that babbled nonsense. He scheduled appointments with a number of therapists, from Froid to Rung, but could never find solace in his condition.

   That all changed when one day, in the years following up the Decepticons’ reemergence, he was approached by High Councilor Shockwave and offered a place in the Decepticon ranks. Having now completely lost faith in Cybertron’s current system, Blitzwing eagerly agreed and joined the Decepticons. He was appointed to the watch of a psychologist who helped him at least control his multiple personalities, allowing him to switch between them at will.

   Towards the end of the war, Blitzwing was captured by the Autobots and held within a high-security prison on Cybertron. When the Fallen arrived on Cybertron to enact the Unbinding, he sought out Blitzwing — theorizing him to be descended from Amalgamous Prime and his Shifters — and broke him free from his prison. After the Unbinding was thwarted, Blitzwing rejoined the Decepticons.

   Over a century later, he was among the Decepticons who accompanied Starscream back to Earth to find Megatron, who had been lost during a battle with the Autobots above the planet. Succeeding in locating their leader’s head, the Decepticons brought Megatron back online, who feigned amnesia for a time so he could expose Starscream’s weakness as leader. Blitzwing remained loyal to Megatron when Galvatron and the Heralds took over the Decepticons and was present for the final battle with Unicron.

   Six months later, Blitzwing was abducted by the Secret Order, who planned to use his forged spark along with others to open a portal to the Dead Universe. However, this plot was foiled by Megatron who had returned from the dead. When Megatron joined the crew of the Lost Light, Blitzwing followed suit, hoping to gain further control of his divergent personalities by attending sessions with the ship’s therapist Rung. Following the Secret Order’s final defeat on Necroworld, Blitzwing returned to Cybertron. Later on, he joined a crew commanded by Megatron and returned to Earth, where they helped the Autobots fend off the Beast Army of Onyx Prime.

   A year after the Onyx Prime and Thunderwing incidents, Blitzwing had attempted to settle into a peaceful on Cybertron. This peace was soon disrupted however when his body was hijacked by the Titan Master Hazard, who controlled him into helping other “hijacked” bots steal the Lost Light and bring the Titan Masters to Earth so they could carry out their plans. Eventually, the Titan Masters were defeated and Blitzwing was liberated from their control.

Chop Shop
  • Home city: n/a
  • Born:
  • Alternate mode: Stag beetle

   A closet kleptomaniac, Chop Shop is renown for stealing from Autobots and Decepticons alike, making him an ideal saboteur. He also has the unique ability to break himself up into five smaller replicas of himself.

    Chop Shop was one of the first Insecticons to be created by Airachnid early on in the war. When he tried to steal a prototype weapon the Decepticons were working on, his superiors grew tired of his thieving nature and abandoned him on Verus Centralus, allowing the Autobots to capture him and imprison him on Garrus-16.

   When Garrus-16 was taken over by Gigatron, Chop Shop was among those freed. While most of the inmates were turned into Monstercons, Chop Shop was instead modified to be able to split himself into multiple bug-units. After the warlord’s schemes were foiled, Chop Shop departed for parts unknown, eventually joining Lockdown’s Titan Hunters and being reunited with his fellow “Proto-Insecticons”. After Lockdown was killed during the Thunderwing conflict, Chop Shop and his brothers hid away on Cybertron, where they were eventually recruited into Ratbat’s Ultracon faction.

   In Cycle 9816, Chop Shop and his Insecticon brothers were tasked with breaking into the dormant Trypticon and reactivating the Titan. Splitting himself up into his components, Chop Shop’s central unit ended up in the main chamber and encountered Full-Tilt. Reawakening, Full-Tilt seized the component and hurled it into the depths of Trypticon, preventing it from being reunited with its sister components.