The Nemesis is the primary Decepticon flagship, commanded by Megatron himself.

  • Home city: Tarn
  • Born: Cycle 8114
  • Alternate mode: Tank

   Once upon a time, Optronix was on the fast track of becoming Prime. The “poster bot” of the Autobot Elite Guard, he was favored by both Sentinel Prime and even select members of the Cybertron High Council to one day lead Cybertron. But he squandered that chance when he fell under the sway of Decepticon leader Trannis and became the tyrannical Megatron.

   Constructed cold in Tarn in Cycle 8114, Optronix was a medical curiosity from day of activation for possessing a Point One Percenter spark, something which only occurred with forged bots. This was a result of the time-traveling endeavors of the Lost Light crew as they chased the rogue Brainstorm through time. When Brainstorm destroyed Optronix’s original spark, his pursuers replaced it with a Point One Percenter which they had discovered in the Alyon region in Cycle 8304, thus saving Optronix’s life and preserving the timeline.

   Upon activation, Optronix fell under the care of Hydra and was eventually put through the Academy. Quickly rising among his peers, Optronix made the Elite Guard in Cycle 8164 and became something of a “poster child” for the Autobots, being held in high regard by his superiors. Even Sentinel Prime took notice of him and began considering him for a successor. Little did Optronix or anyone know was that Sentinel Prime was secretly the Herald of Unicron Galvatron, who saw Optronix as the perfect figure to lead Cybertron’s eventual unification.

   In Cycle 8214, Hydra became bonded to Magnum, who had in a prospect of his own in the form of Orion Pax, an aspiring records keeper. As such, Optronix became Orion’s brother and was often held in high respect by the younger Autobot who had heard much of Optronix from his caretaker’s words. That same year, Optronix led a team to Polyhex to investigate reports of criminal activity. There he crossed paths with the time-traveling Brainstorm again, who abducted his partner Dion. Optronix’s memories of the encounter were partially erased by the Lost Lighters, leaving him to only remember Dion’s mysterious disappearance.

   Over the next few centuries, Optronix continued to lose those close to him, including his sparkmate Kiloton. By 8714, Optronix had become a more distant bot, having pushed away most of his trusted friends such as his mentor Impactor. In the same year, he spearheaded a campaign to deal with the Destructons, a mysterious faction of alien robots that had come to threaten the Autobot Commonwealth. Seeking out Delta Magnus, who had faked his death several hundred years ago, Optronix formed the Xonvoy Corps to lead the fight against the Destructons, since the Elite Guard refused to take part. He also commenced the production of several constructed cold bots that became known as “Made-To-Order” soldiers, which included his would-be murderer Brainstorm.

   By Cycle 8814, Optronix was well on the fast-track of being named Prime. Convinced of his potential, Sentinel Prime decided to put him to the test. After staging a fake assassination attempt on himself, Sentinel sent Optronix and the newly-reformed Wreckers into Decepticon territory. After infiltrating Straxus’ fortress on Lucifer, Optronix was captured by the Decepticons and brought to New Kaon, where he was rebuilt into a new form and thrown into the gladiatorial pits. As Trannis’ unwilling protege, Optronix proved his worth as he defeated Decepticon veterans such as Scorponok and Overlord. During this time, he was mentored by the worn-down gladiator Terminus.

   In short time, Optronix began to adopt a radical view of the future Cybertron needed; one that advocated peace through tyranny. Upon coming to this epiphany, Optronix decided to take on a new name for his new identity: Megatron, derived from the former moniker of the Fallen. At Trannis’ behest, Megatron was sent back to Cybertron to set the stage for the Decepticons’ reemergence. The former Autobot had other ideas however. Storming into the High Council Chambers, Megatron proceeded to destroy Sentinel Prime and several members of the council. He then returned to New Kaon and demolished Trannis, sparing him only so he could extract his spark for future use.

   After the Cataclysm, Megatron found out from his spies within the Autobots that Optimus Prime was leading a voyage into space in search of the mythical AllSpark so it could be used to restore Cybertron. Wanting the AllSpark for his own schemes, Megatron commanded his flagship, the Nemesis, in pursuit of the Ark, chasing Optimus and his Autobots across space.

   After missing the Ark at Velocitron, the Nemesis was able to corner the Ark on Junkion after the Autobots had been lured there by the bounty hunter Axer. However, shortly upon arrival, the two factions were joined in the fight by the Star Seekers and Megatron found himself in a three-way battle with Optimus and Thundertron. In the end, Megatron was wounded while Optimus was captured by Lockdown and taken to mysterious benefactors.

   The Decepticons continued their pursuit of the Ark and eventually tracked them down to Aquatron, where Megatron was captured by the Sharkticon leader Tyrannicon. The Decepticon leader was eventually able to free himself and found Optimus in the clutches of the Quintessons, who had reawakened the Scourge program dormant within him and turned him into Nemesis Prime. After defeating Nemesis and Tyrannicon, Megatron returned to the Decepticons while Optimus was recovered by his Autobots and quickly resumed the chase.

   Things finally culminated at the distant world of Earth, where the Nemesis finally had the Ark at its mercy. While his flagship fired on the Ark, Megatron personally invaded the ship and dueled Optimus one-on-one. However, the treacherous Starscream saw an opportunity to seize command and had the Nemesis take out the Ark’s engines, forcing the ship to crash-land on Earth. Megatron was lost during atmospheric entry and ended up crashing several miles away from the Ark.

Unbeknownst to Megatron, Earth had been serving as a staging ground for the rogue Decepticon Scorponok’s hidden agendas. Fifty years after crashing, Megatron’s deactivated body was recovered by Scorponok and his human followers. Upon discovering that his former leader was still functional, Scorponok had Megatron’s head removed and proceeded to use schematics from it to help create his man-made Decepticon empire. He entrusted Megatron’s head to a follower of his named Sumdac, who would eventually pass it down to his son Isaac.

Fifty years later, the Decepticons returned to Earth in search of their lost leader. After recovering his headless body, they located his disembodied head at the Sumdac Systems location in Detroit and reunited it with his body. Upon coming online, Megatron — who had still been aware of his surroundings even as a mere head — decided to pull a ruse in order to get back at the treacherous Starscream. Pretending to have lost his memories, Megatron allowed Starscream to command the Decepticons as they searched for the Ultra-Energon that had been seeded on Earth while also uncovering Scorponok’s machinations. After locating the Ultra-Energon at Machination’s base in Tampa, Megatron dropped the ruse and retook command of the Decepticons, setting the stage for one last attempt at conquering Cybertron.

Reestablishing contact with New Kaon, Megatron gave Shockwave order to commence Protocol Ultimatum, a full-scale assault on Cybertron. Planning to use the Ultra-Energon to empower himself, Megatron took the Nemesis to Cybertron (although not before capturing Optimus Prime and a team of Autobots who had infiltrated his flagship) and prepared to make a broadcast to all of Cybertron. However, before he could proceed with his plan, he was betrayed by Soundwave, who had secretly been a sleeper agent for the Heralds of Unicron. Soundwave quickly overwhelmed Megatron, allowing the Heralds to reveal themselves and take control of the Decepticon forces.

The deposed Megatron suffered the Heralds’ captivity for several days until he was rescued by Skywarp, who had gathered a rebel cell along with Lugnut and other loyalists. Not long after, they were joined by Soundwave, who had turned against the other Heralds upon deciding Megatron was the superior leader. With Soundwave’s help, the Decepticons were able to recover a sample of Ultra-Energon from the Nemesis and Megatron infused himself with the ore. Shortly after, their camp was attacked by Galvatron, who proceeded to fight the Decepticon leader. After a chaotic battle, Megatron was left drained of Ultra-Energon and at Galvatron’s mercy. Before the ancient warrior could end him however, the Heralds were all summoned by their master, Unicron, who had just been freed from his interdimensional prison and was now set on a path for Cybertron.

Realizing he was all out of options, Megatron decided to seek out Optimus Prime and offer a truce. Although Optimus was reluctant at first, he eventually acquiesced after Megatron and his Decepticons saved the crew of the Lost Light from the Decepticon Justice Divsion. The two factions then met up at Combatron, where Megatron summoned any and all Decepticons who were still loyal to him to join in the battle against the Heralds of Unicron.

Together with Optimus and other assorted leaders, Megatron led the charge against the Chaos Bringer himself. While the united forces dealt with the Heralds and their Terrorcons, Megatron and Optimus ventured towards Unicron, only to be defeated and captured by Galvatron. Within Unicron, the Dark God’s Avatar attempted to convert Megatron into his pawn only for the Decepticon leader to break free and destroy the avatar. While Optimus journeyed towards Unicron’s core, Megatron battled Galvatron and eventually brought an end to his usurper.

Upon joining Optimus at Unicron’s core, it was discovered that the Matrix of Leadership would not open for Prime and that in fact Megatron was the destined bearer. Accepting his fate, Megatron allowed his brother to escape before opening the Matrix. This, in conjunction with Nightbeat and Hardhead’s own efforts, banished Unicron from the realm of the living and into the Dead Universe, taking Megatron with him.

Although Megatron had perished in the process of opening the Matrix, he was brought back to life within the Dead Universe by a shard of Dark Energon that had lodged itself into him. This, along with the Matrix, kept the Decepticon leader alive as he wandered aimlessly through the Dead Universe.

Six months later, he was freed from this prison when the Heralds of Unicron created a space bridge which opened a portal to the Dead Universe. Through this portal, Megatron escaped to the Floating Fortress and obliterated the remaining Heralds, before helping the Lost Lighters shut down the space bridge before Unicron could emerge from it as well. Afterwards, he joined the crew of the Lost Light’in their quest for the Knights of Cybertron so that they could judge him for all his past deeds and deliver appropriate punishment.

A month into the quest, which had provided scarce results, the Lost Light arrived at Paradron. During this time, the Autobot Dion — a former companion of Megatron’s from his days in the Elite Guard — arrived from the future to apprehend Megatron and bring him before the Galactic Alliance. Megatron refused to comply however, and had the clone Soundblaster push Dion back into his time portal. Shortly afterwards, the Decepticon Justice Division arrived on Paradron as well. Thinking the D.J.D. were after him, Megatron headed out to confront them only for their leader Tarn to mistake him for his clone. After mortally wounding Megatron — who was only kept alive by the Matrix — the D.J.D. departed from Paradron, leaving Megatron to return to the Lost Light.

Sometime later, the crew made a detour to Necroworld, where it ran into the Titan Metrotitan, crewed by Optimus Prime. Sensing its past bearer, the Matrix began to cause agony for Megatron, forcing him to return the chalice to his brother, although not before extracting the Nemesis program and uploading it back into his own processor. Not long after, Necroworld was invaded by the Secret Order, who abducted Megatron and Optimus and brought them before their leader: Megatron’s former caretaker Hydra. Despite Hydra’s wishes, Megatron refused to take command of the Secret Order and proceeded to free himself and Optimus, ultimately using the Matrix once more to vanquish the combiner Galvatronus. With the Secret Order defeated and disbanded, Megatron and Optimus led their forces back to Cybertron.

In the aftermath of the Secret Order incident, Megatron spent further time on reflection and ended up fully relinquishing command of the Decepticons to Starscream. He then led a team of select Decepticons to Earth to aid Optimus Prime and the Autobots in battling Onyx Prime and his army of beasts.

When the Autobot Depth Charge arrived on Earth, having been sent by High Circuitmaster Boltax, Megatron and Optimus decided to take a crew to Luna 1 to seek out the elusive elder. Upon arrival however, they were instantly confronted by hordes of Vehicons and the two leaders were abducted. While Optimus’ spark was extracted, Megatron’s Dark Energon crystal was removed — effectively ending the former Decepticon leader’s life — while his body was merged with Optimus’ to create “Guiltaur”, with the Nemesis program taking full control. After Guiltaur was slayed at the end of the Thunderwing conflict, his body was permanently interred in Iacon at Optimus’ request.

  • Home city: Vos
  • Born:
  • Alternate mode: Jet

   Deadly and treacherous, Starscream is as ambitious as Decepticons go. Air Commander and leader of the Seekers, he has been a member of Megatron‘s inner circle ever since the start of the Second Great War, something which confounds even the wisest of Decepticons. Why would their leader keep around someone who so clearly wants to wrest command from him?

   Still, Starscream has his uses. Before the war, he was a renown scientist from Vos, quickly climbing through the social ranks despite his status as a constructed cold bot. His talents and ambition impressed even Sentinel Prime, who soon made him Air Commander of the Seekers, one of the few former Decepticon groups allowed social status after the First Great War. In Cycle 8814, Starscream and his Seekers were stationed near Luna 2 when Megatron — formerly the Autobot Optronix — approached him and convinced them to rejoin the Decepticons. Naturally, Starscream saw this as an opportunity to climb the chain of command and was quick to pledge loyalty to Megatron when he assumed command from Trannis.

   For the next nine hundred years Starscream remained at Megatron’s side, although he would try to wrest command more than once over the course of the war. After the Cataclysm, Starscream joined the crew of the Nemesis and pursued the Autobots across space for the scattered shards of the AllSpark. When their quest came to a climax over the remote world of Earth, Starscream sanatchedthe opportunity to abandon Megatron and took command of the Nemesis, leaving Megatron and the Autobots to crash-land on Earth. Returning to New Kaon, Starscream declared himself leader of the Decepticons, but few recognized his authority and instead followed Shockwave for most of the Dark Age.

   Realizing he needed to regain the Decepticons’ support before they forcibly removed him, Starscream gathered the crew of the Nemesis and returned to Earth in search of Megatron. However, his true goal was to find Shockwave’s Ultra-Energon ore that he had planted on the organic world. Upon finding and reviving Megatron, the Decepticon leader appeared to be amnesiac, remembering only his life as Optronix. Starscream eagerly took this to his advantage and used him to help find the Ultra-Energon ore. As it would happen however, Megatron was simply deceiving Starscream and, upon recovering the ore, turned on him. After a fight with the Autobots, Starscream was imprisoned in the Nemesis’ brig.

   Not long after, the Heralds of Unicron revealed themselves and overthrew Megatron. Starscream tried to take the opportunity to escape only to be captured and brought before Galvatron. Before they could execute him, Starscream revealed the presence of remnant Dark Energon. Starscream led the Heralds to Kaon only to end up in the middle of a skirmish between Galvatron and Megatron. After the fight, Starscream was accepted back into Megatron’s good graces when the Seeker provided him with a plan to take revenge against the Heralds.

   The plan in question involved making a truce with the Autobots and teaming up to bring down Unicron. As it happened, it proved to be quite effective and the Chaos Bringer was successfully vanquished, albeit at the cost of Megatron’s life. Once again Starscream assumed command of the Decepticons but, as always, few acknowledged his authority. Six months after Unicron’s defeat, Starscream was overthrown by a clone of Megatron, who had been created by the Secret Order to rally the Decepticons under their cause. However, Starscream was able to escape back to Cybertron and warn the Autobots of the Secret Order’s plans, allowing them to properly prepare. In return, Starscream was granted a spot on a preliminary High Council along with Elita-One and Metalhawk.

   Starscream would later take part in the final battle against a resurgent Thunderwing, being reformatted into a combiner by Shockwave. In the aftermath, Starscream was appointed to the new High Council by Rodimus Prime, representing the Decepticons as they worked with the Autobots towards a better future for Cybertron.

  • Home city:
  • Born:
  • Alternate mode: SUV

   Quiet and observant, Soundwave is not quite what he seems. Long ago, he was known as Logos Prime and was a influential ruler during Cybertron‘s Bronze Age. Although he was never officially a member of the Thirteen, he was nonetheless on good terms with the other Primes and generally considered an honorary member of their order. What side Logos took during the War of the Primes is unknown, and by the time of Nova Prime‘s ascension, his name had been all but forgotten.

   Whatever his whereabouts were at the time, Logos was at some point captured by the Heralds of Unicron. Wiping his memory, they turned him into a sleeper agent of theirs and planted him in the Dead End of Rodion around the end of the First Great War. It was there that “Soundwave” was found in the Dead End of Rodion by High Councilor Shockwave and taken into the Jhiaxian Academy of Advanced Technology to control his mind-reading abilities. During this time, Soundwave became close with a group of Mini-Cons, chiefly the feline Ravage.

   After graduating from the Academy, Soundwave became the assistant of Councilor Ratbat, who held little regard for him or his “pets”. When the Decepticons began to plan their reemergence, Shockwave utilized Soundwave as his spy to help set things in motion, such as staging an assassination on Sentinel Prime. When the Decepticons finally made their move, Soundwave entered their service and quickly became a member of Megatron‘s inner circle.

   In Cycle 9701, following Thunderwing’s destructive rampage, Soundwave joined the crew of the Nemesis as it took pursuit of the Ark. After both Megatron and the Autobots were lost in a battle over the planet Earth, Starscream led the Decepticons back to New Kaon. Unconvinced that Megatron had perished, Soundwave would discreetly send Decepticon operatives to Earth to find their missing leader over the next century, albeit with little to no success.

   113 years later, the Nemesis returned to Earth and rescued Megatron from human captivity. As Megatron prepared to commence a full-scale assault on the Autobots on all fronts, Soundwave was activated by the Heralds of Unicron and he proceeded to subdue Megatron, allowing the Heralds to take over the Decepticons. After Megatron had broken free and joined a cell of loyal Decepticons, Soundwave was sent to track them down. However, rather than eliminate them, Soundwave instead pledged his loyalty to Megatron and worked with him to overthrow the Heralds.

   Joining the alliance of Decepticons and Autobots on Combatron, Soundwave ended up being used against his allies as a horde of Terrorcons led by Scorponok emerged from the Dead Universe portal built within him. After the allied forces had been driven away, Soundwave was captured by Scorponok and brought back to Unicron, where he was held prisoner. Soundwave was later present when Optimus Prime and Megatron invaded Unicron and used the Matrix of Leadership against the Chaos Bringer. Accepting his fate, Soundwave was consumed by the blast and destroyed along with his former master.

    This was not quite the end for Soundwave however. A century earlier, after the Cataclysm, Shockwave had created a backup of Soundwave’s memories, which were later implanted into one of the “clones” made by the Secret Order on Outpost Two. This “clone”, named Soundblaster, was kept in storage as the Secret Order proceeded along in their plans. Six months after the original Soundwave’s death, Soundblaster’s capsule was among those taken by the double agent Dealer, who unwittingly unleashed them on the Lost Light.

   After the Heralds of Unicron’s plan to bring back Unicron was thwarted, and Megatron instead returned from the dead, Soundblaster dutifully returned to his side and joined him on the Lost Light. However, upon reaching Necroworld where the rest of the Secret Order had gathered, Soundblaster turned against Megatron and rejoined Shockwave. When the Secret Order’s plans began crumbling down, Soundblaster and Soundwave retreated from the Mothership and returned to Cybertron. Establishing operations at what had once been the J.A.A.T., Shockwave rebuilt Soundblaster into his original “Soundwave” form before seeking out a Prime who would serve their plans well.

   The two eventually ran into the resurgent Megatronus and convinced him to join them in their endeavors. They then sought out the Decepticon Alliance of Deathsaurus and Tarn, who agreed to extend their alliance to them. Traveling to Earth, the Decepticons sought out Megatronus’ Void Scepter which they successfully retrieved only to then encounter a resurgent Thunderwing. While Megatronus desired to challenge Thunderwing for the Matrix of Leadership, Soundwave overwhelmed the Fallen Prime with a sonic attack, stealing the Void Scepter from him and used it to banish him to Earth, stranding him there while the other Decepticons set course for Combatron. Upon arriving on Combatron however, they were betrayed by their newfound ally Delphi, who was in fact a minion of Quintus Prime. While Deathsaurus and his crew were subjected to Quintus’ control, Soundwave and Shockwave escaped via a GroundBridge.

   Returning to Earth, Soundwave and Shockwave contacted the Autobots and struck up an alliance with them to deal with the threat of Thunderwing and Quintus Prime. After some consideration, the Autobots grudgingly agreed and Soundwave opened up a portal to Cybertron for them to go through. After both Thunderwing and Quintus Prime had been dealt with (along with Megatronus), peace was made between the two factions.

  • Home city: Vos
  • Born:
  • Alternate mode: Jet

   Skywarp has been loyal to the Decepticon cause since he first began hearing of its doctrine at the Jhiaxian Academy of Advanced Technology. It was there that he was trained to hone his Outlier ability of teleportation by High Councilor Shockwave, who was secretly working with the Decepticons to spread rhetoric across Cybertron in preparation for their return. Skywarp, along with his fellow student Thundercracker, became one of the first of a new generation of Decepticons as he took part in the plot to assassinate Councilors Decimus and Momus.

   After Megatron had taken control of the Decepticons, Skywarp and Thundercracker were assigned to Starscream’s elite Seeker squadron, modifying their bodies to match their leader. He would continue to fight for the Decepticon cause over the course of the Second Great War and eventually earned himself a spot on Megatron’s flagship, the Nemesis.

  • Home city: Vos
  • Born:
  • Alternate mode: Jet

   Unlike his fellow Seeker Skywarp, Thundercracker has his reservations over the Decepticon cause. While he was initially swayed by its rhetoric, he came to dislike the ruthless, barbaric nature his fellow Decepticons frequently demonstrated to their foes and allies alike. Regardless, he is wise enough to bury such doubts lest he invoke the fury of Megatron.

   During the Golden Age, Thundercracker was brought into the Jhiaxian Academy of Advanced Technology to hone his outlier power of generating sonic booms. It was the academy that he met Skywarp and the two quickly became good friends. At some point, the two of them were recruited into the Seekers by Air Commander Starscream and they altered their bodies to resemble him as per Seeker tradition. Thundercracker would later join the Decepticons when they made their reemergence, though part of it was out of peer pressure from Skywarp and the others rather than anything genuine on his part.

   After the Cataclysm, Thundercracker joined the crew of the Nemesis as it took pursuit of the Ark. When the Decepticons did battle with the Autobots on Junkion, Thundercracker used his sonic powers to disorient Optimus Prime himself, though he was quickly driven off by the appearance of the Star Seeker leader Thundertron. Later, the crew of the Nemesis followed the Autobots to Aquatron, where Thundercracker and his fellow Seekers headed down to the planet in search of their abducted leader Megatron.

   Following a final showdown with the Ark over the planet Earth, during which Megatron was lost in the midst of the battle, the Decepticons returned to New Kaon where Starscream was quick to assume command. Over a century later, the Decepticons returned to Earth to search for their fallen leader. After locating his headless body, Thundercracker and his team brought it back to the Nemesis where it was united with its head, though upon awakening Megatron appeared to have forgotten his entire life as a Decepticon. This turned out to be a ruse however and Megatron quickly retook command of the Decepticons after ousting Starscream.