• Home city:
  • Born:
  • Alternate mode: Jet

   Jetfire is a dedicated member of the Autobot cause. A brilliant scientist and competent commander, he often finds himself overcompensating to make up for the fact that he had once been a member of the Decepticons.

   Before the war, Jetfire often faced troubles from the Functionist Council for his interest in science, when functionist doctrine dictated that he instead serve in the Aerial Corps. It was for this reason that Jetfire ended up buying into the Decepticon rhetoric that had made a reemergence in Cybertronian society and was part of a cell of Decepticons that operated in the slums of the Dead End. However, from day one Jetfire started to doubt his loyalties when he saw how aggressive the Decepticons tended to be. When Megatron publicly killed Sentinel Prime, Jetfire decided he had had enough and sold out Ferak and his cell to the Cybertron Security Force. In return, Prowl offered Jetfire a place in the Security Force to help deal with the Decepticon threat, to which Jetfire agreed.

   Nine years later, Jetfire was part of a squad led by Orion Pax and Elita-One as they rescued Alpha Trion from a Decepticon fort. Not long after, Pax had assumed full command of the Autobots as Optimus Prime and Jetfire quickly rose through the ranks, becoming head of the Autobots’ aerial forces.

   After the destructive Cataclysm of Cycle 9701, Jetfire remained behind on Cybertron while Optimus Prime and a crew of Autobots embarked on a quest for the AllSpark. He was later captured by the Fallen, who believed him to be a “descendant” of one of the Thirteen and planned to use his spark energy to bring about “the Unbinding.” However, the ancient Prime’s plot was foiled and Jetfire was rescued by his fellow Autobots.

   Over a century later, after contact had been reestablished with Optimus Prime’s crew, Jetfire accompanied Optimus to the colony world of Archon before participating in the final fight against the Heralds of Unicron.

Omega Supreme
  • Home city:
  • Born:
  • Alternate mode: Defense station

   Omega Supreme hails from Cybertron‘s bygone past, predating even the Primes that came to rule during the Bronze Age. Leader of the Omega Sentinels, Omega Supreme protected the ancient cities of Cybertron, including the legendary Crystal City. When the Thirteen set out to make contact with life beyond Cybertron, the Omega Sentinels joined in their expedition. However, the first world they visited ended in disaster when Omega Supreme was forced to wipe out the planet’s entire population, instilling a deep fear of Transformers across the galaxy.

   When his brothers fell to the wrath of Galactus Prime, Omega Supreme sided with Nova Major and aided the rebellion in overthrowing Galactus. After Nova became Prime, Omega Supreme went on to serve as his adviser up until he left on board the Ark, embarking on a mission which Omega Supreme disapproved of. The last Omega Sentinel went on to serve as adviser to Nominus and Guardian Prime before vanishing into the Muta-Gaath Nebula just as the Decepticonuprising began, wanting no further part in Cybertron’s decline.

   During the course of his self-imposed exile, Omega Supreme would later be approached by Sentinel and Zeta Prime, seeking guidance from him. However, it would not be until the Second Great War — four thousand years after he had gone into exile — would he return to protect Cybertron from the Dark Energon-crazed Thunderwing. After the mad Decepticon was defeated, Omega Supreme returned to his isolation in the Muta-Gaath Nebula.

  • Home city:
  • Born:
  • Alternate mode: Half-track vehicle, microscope

   Forged during or shortly before the Golden Age, Perceptor was a prospect of Azimuth and a member of her Patterner movement. In short time Perceptor rose to be one of Cybertron’s greatest minds and was named chief science officer by Sentinel Prime. 

   Ten years before the Second Great War, Azimuth disbanded the Patterners and severed all contact with her followers, including Perceptor. It wasn’t until Cycle 8824, twenty years after she vanished, that Perceptor reunited with Azimuth and agreed to help her find the lost Titan Prometheus, even though he found such tales to be baseless. However, as it soon turned out, Azimuth was in fact working with Prometheus to help him conquer Cybertron, sacrificing some of her fellow Autobots — including her former students — to refuel the Titan. After Azimuth had a change of heart and thwarted Prometheus’ plans, sacrificing herself to do so, Perceptor and the rest of the team were recovered by Windblade, who was on a mission to Theophany.

   Over the course of the war, Perceptor continued to serve as the Autobots’ chief scientist under Optimus Prime. Following the Cataclysm, Perceptor was chosen to serve on the Ark II as it set out on a quest for the shards of the AllSpark. The Ark’s quest eventually led it to Earth, where the Autobots’ crash-landed and were knocked into stasis lock for the next hundred years. It would not be until well after Optimus and some of the Autobots had reawakened and established operations on Earth before Perceptor was finally reactivated.

   After Unicron and his heralds were defeated, Perceptor went on to join the crew of the Lost Light. When Brainstorm began traveling back in time to alter the course of history, Perceptor helped Rodimus and co. deduce his colleague’s activities and served as the “Time Team’s” guide as they pursued Brainstorm through the timeline. When the crew traveled to Caminus, Perceptor was among those who stayed behind on the ship and subsequently dealt with the clone Megatron and his cohorts when they invaded the Lost Light. After reuniting with Rodimus and the others and bringing an end to the Secret Order’s operations, Perceptor ended up joining the Autobot forces on Earth, working alongside Brainstorm and Wheeljack at Autobot City.

   A year after the defeat of Thunderwing, Perceptor was among those whose minds were hijacked by the Titan Masters. With Convex controlling him, Perceptor boarded the Lost Light as it was commandeered by the Titan Masters to Earth. He was later freed from the Titan Masters’ control thanks to the efforts of Infinitus and the Scavengers.

   When Shockwave’s Regenesis program came to light, Perceptor decided to rejoin the Crusadercons as they set out on their quest once more. After the crew had escaped from Mederi, Perceptor helped Brainstorm and Skids create a gauntlet-like device that could teleport them onto the Grand Architect’s Worldsweeper and rescue Rung. Around that time, the Lost Light was invaded by the Destructons. Once Rung was brought back, Perceptor and the others helped the rest of the crew drive off the Destructons and their Dire Wraiths allies.

  • Home city:
  • Born:
  • Alternate mode: Off-road vehicle

   Roadbuster is a troubled individual. Coming online in the middle of the First Great War, he was shaped into a soldier from the second he was born and has been in combat since day one. While this makes him an ideal Autobot to have on the battlefield, he can’t help but falter when it comes to peace time; having known nothing but war his entire life, Roadbuster finds himself at a loss on what to do when he’s not fighting Decepticons, making him withdrawn and depressed.

   Thus, when the Decepticons reemerged from exile, Roadbuster was more than eager to accept his old friend Impactor’s offer to join the reformed Wreckers, finding himself in his comfort zone once again. However, the transition from war to peace and back to war had taken its toll on Roadbuster, leaving him with traces of PTSD. This thus left him susceptible to the influence of a tiny voice in his name that called itself Mortilus, the god of death. Unbeknownst to him, “Mortilus” was in fact the mad scientist Tarantulas, who had recently escaped from the Noisemaze prison and shrunken himself down to invade Roadbuster’s mind.

   At the behest of “Mortilus”, Roadbuster began mode-drilling his cadets, forcing them to the point of death before sacrificing them to Mortilus. The Autobots soon found out about Roadbuster’s activities in Cycle 9227 and quickly arrested him, rescuing the sole surviving cadet Hubcap in the process. After minimum rehab, Roadbuster was released back into the Wreckers on the orders of Prowl, paying back a favor he owed Impactor. Secretly, however, Roadbuster missed the absent voice of Mortilus and longed for the day it would return.

   This would not be the end of Roadbuster’s demented ways, however. Throughout the war, he would constantly perform ruthless actions against the Decepticons and slowly became an addict to the narcotic Syk. In Cycle 9624, during a confrontation with Heretech’s forces on Regulus-Alpha, a Syk-fueled Roadbuster tore out Radar’s spinal strut and force-fed it to him. Unlike the earlier affair, High Command was unable to cover up this incident and instead it branded it as the “Roadbuster affair”, using it to ward off rumors of the actual incident.

   Forty years later, Roadbuster was present when Impactor murdered the members of Squadron X in cold blood. While he was inwardly proud of his leader, Roadbuster did not wanted to be charged for complicity in Impactor’s actions (as he had been the one to give Impactor his gun) and convinced Springer to clear his and the others’ names. Under Springer’s leadership, Roadbuster would continue to fight in the war and participated in the final conflict against the Heralds of Unicron.

   After Unicron’s defeat, Roadbuster remained with the Wreckers as Springer organized a team to retake Garrus-9 from Decepticon forces. Hoping to prevent any potential incidents that could disrupt the New Age, Springer kept Roadbuster stationed at Debris, working at the Wreckers’ headquarters with the jittery Hubcap. Six months into the New Age, the Wreckers became involved in the Secret Order’s plot and Roadbuster was captured by his old tormentor Tarantulas. After being freed, Roadbuster and the other Wreckers continued to participate in events leading up to a final confrontation with a resurgent Thunderwing.

   A year later, the Wreckers were informally reformed to deal with the Mayhem’s invasion of Earth. During the conflict, Roadbuster was attacked by a rogue Hubcap, who sought revenge for what the old soldier had done to his cadets. However, Hubcap was deprived of his chance when he was killed by Guzzle. Nonetheless, Roadbuster would be haunted by the confrontation, which only worsened when Tarantulas sneaked back into his head and began acting as “Mortilus” once more. When a revived Impactor turned up on Cybertron, Tarantulas controlled Roadbuster to attack the former Wrecker leader, hoping to take his own revenge on Impactor. When it was clear Impactor would be the victor, Tarantulas decided he had no further use for Roadbuster and grew out of the Wrecker’s head, killing him.

  • Home city: Polyhex
  • Born: Cycle 7814
  • Alternate mode: Helicopter

   Forged in Polyhex in the early days of the Golden Age, Whirl started life in the Aerial Corps as decreed by his helicopter alt mode. Finding himself dissatisfied with this job, Whirl dropped out and started a watchmaking business. The Functionist Council was angered by this transgression and had the High Council send their enforcers to destroy his business. When Whirl tried to resist, he was subjected to the empurata procedure, losing his face and hands. Condemned to a life of discrimination, Whirl was forced to do dirty work for the corrupt Council in order to avoid further punishment.

   In the years shortly before the Second Great War, Whirl served as an instructor at the Iaconian Aerial Academy under the name “Jetstream.” “Jetstream” was violently abusive towards his students, particularly towards a young Rotorstorm, and he ended up being removed from the position.

   After serving in the Security Force, Whirl was approached by the veteran Autobot Impactor with an offer to join the reformed Wreckers. Whirl eagerly accepted and for the first time in his life found himself at home with the Wreckers. He became good friends with Roadbuster, but was seen as somewhat unhinged by the others. Nonetheless, he was accepted as a true Wrecker and served with them throughout the course of the war against the Decepticons.

   Following Unicron’s defeat, Whirl was kicked off the Wreckers for undisclosed reasons. Left without direction, Whirl ended up joining the crew of the Lost Light as it set off in search of the Knights of Cybertron. Upon joining, he immediately struck up an imaginary rivalry with the ex-Herald Cyclonus, who had no interest in interacting with him.

   When Brainstorm began meddling with the fabric of time with his time machine, the crew were sent into the future where the discovered the lost moon of Luna 1. Whirl was among those that went down to the moon and encountered the mysterious High Circuitmaster Boltax. After determining what Brainstorm was attempting — altering history by going back in time — Whirl and the other Crusadercons used a component of the time machine that they had acquired to pursue their rogue crewmate. While at a bar in the cycle 8204, an inebriated Whirl clashed with a group of Council thugs, inadvertently tipping them off to a future event which would result in them capturing High Councilor Avalon. Eventually, the Time Team were able to apprehend Brainstorm and prevent him from bringing his plan to fruition.

   Afterwards, the crew made a stop at Hedonia, where Whirl and Skids ran into a fellow race of transforming robots. Without realizing it, Whirl ended up murdering the Terradore leader Imperius Drax, turning the Stentarian War in the favor of the Ammonites. Soon after, the ex-Wrecker joined Rodimus in traveling to Garrus-16 where they were captured by Gigatron and his Monstercons only to later be freed by Skids and Ariel.

   When the Lost Light finally reached the first destination on its map, Caminus, Whirl was part of the party that headed down to the colony world to meet with the Mistress of Flame, although he was less than impressed with the planet. He was later trapped in the Grand Hall of the Citadel of Flame when Camiens working for the Secret Order turned on them, though he was later safely teleported to the mobile colony of Carcer thanks to the efforts of Ratchet. While the others ended up traveling to the planet of the Necrobot, Whirl decided to remain behind. While harassing Cyclonus, the two were accosted by Cyclonus’ former colleague Scourge, who had come to recruit him back into the Heralds. When Cyclonus refused, Scourge captured him while Whirl was away trying to find weapons for them to fight with. Not long after, Whirl and the other remaining Crusadercons managed to escape from Carcer with the help of Sentinel Major, rejoining the others on Velocitron.

   After regrouping on the Speed Planet, the Crusadercons received a distress signal from the Wreckers, who had been captured by the Secret Order. Following the signal to Outpost One, Whirl joined his crewmates in battling Gigatron’s Monstercons and Chimeracons on the surface of the Tyrosian moon. After his former teammates had been rescued, Whirl and the others returned to the Lost Light only to then be taken to the Secret Order’s primary base by a stowaway Tarantulas. Upon arrival at the Floating Fortress, Whirl was among those abducted so that his forged spark could be use to power the Heralds of Unicron’s portal to the Dead Universe. During the ensuing battle, Whirl ended his rivalry with Cyclonus after saving the ex-Herald’s life by killing Grindcore. In the end, the Heralds’ plans were thwarted by a resurrected Megatron and Whirl was liberated from the Order’s clutches.

   A month into their resumed quest, the crew made a stop at the pacifistic colony world of Paradron. Whirl found himself feeling nervous about this visit upon discovering that his former teammate Sandstorm was running for leadership of the planet, not wanting to be associated with politics. In the end however, their trip was abruptly ended thanks to the arrival of Carcer as well as the Decepticon Justice Division. After evading both, the Lost Light departed from Paradron and returned to the stars. Later, the Crusadercons returned to Necroworld where they rendezvoused with Optimus Prime and his crew before seeing to the final defeat of the Secret Order.

   After being forced to put their quest on hold, Whirl and the other Crusadercons joined under the joint command of Optimus and Megatron to the lost moon of Luna 1, where they were assaulted by Vehicons. Whirl and Cyclonus were both captured by the Vehicons and Whirl was subsequently reprogrammed into the Vehicon Rotorbolt. However, Cyclonus and the others were misled to believe that Whirl had instead been converted into a Tank Drone and were thus left unaware of Rotorbolt’s true nature. Rotorbolt later took part in the final fight against a resurgent Thunderwing.

   A year later, Rotorbolt was part of the team of Autobots that traveled to Earth to save those that had been abducted by the Titan Masters. Afterwards, Cyclonus had the Decepticon medic Nickel remove Rotorbolt’s shell program and restore him as Whirl. After seeing to the defeat of Leo Prime and his Mayhem movement, Whirl was rebuilt into his original, pre-Vehicon body. 

  • Home city: Iacon
  • Born:
  • Alternate mode: Armored truck, Tyrannosaurus rex

   Grimlock was forged during the Silver Age and had always had a reputation of disobedience. After languishing in a military brig where he met fellow detainee Slag, Grimlock formed the Dynobots as a cover strike force within the Primal Vanguard, receiving numerous commendations from Nominus and Guardian Prime. Grimlock and his bots were not completely honorable however; when they weren’t working with the Primal Vanguard, they were participating in illegal gladiatorial matches in Kaon. During one such match, Grimlock defeated the undisputed champion Scorponok, a defeat which would haunt the latter warrior for eons.

   When the Decepticons emerged, Grimlock initially sided with them in the early days of their uprising before defecting back to the Autobots. Furious at his betrayal, Trannis made Grimlock a target of top priority, something which would carry over to Megatron’s reign and put Grimlock’s name at the top of the Decepticon Justice Division’s list.

   In Cycle 9701, following the disastrous Cataclysm, Grimlock was captured by the Fallen as part of the Unbinding. Believing Grimlock to be a descendant of Onyx Prime, the Fallen sent the Dinobots to Animatron and had them reconfigured into bodies based on the prehistoric dinosaurs of Earth, in the hopes it would awaken Grimlock’s “inner beast”. While on Animatron, the Dinobots aided the native Maximals in their fight against the tyrannical Predacons. When the Predacons’ space bridge went haywire, the Dinobots were flung into it; while his comrades ended up on Earth, Grimlock was sent back to Cybertron so that the Fallen could use him for the Unbinding.

   After the ancient Prime’s scheme was foiled, Grimlock was freed and he immediately set out to find his fellow Dinobots, eventually reuniting with them on Earth. Rather than return to Cybertron, the Dinobots decided to stay behind on Earth to guard a mysterious device they had discovered.

   In Cycle 9814, Grimlock and the Dinobots were rediscovered by the Earthbound Autobots, who had crash-landed on Earth over a century ago. Not recognizing their former comrades, the Autobots clashed with the Dinobots; their altercation accidentally caused the mysterious device to activate, expediting the Heralds of Unicron’s plan to free their master from the Dead Universe. After clearing the air, the Dinobots joined the Autobots in attacking Machination’s headquarters, during which Grimlock clashed with his old rival Scorponok. Following the battle, the Dinobots gathered with the other Autobots to combat the threat of Unicron; Grimlock himself brought the Maximals in to join the fight.

   Following Unicron’s destruction, rather than return to a restored Cybertron, the Dinobots instead returned to Animatron to aid the Maximals in their fight against the Predacons. When Onyx Prime assembled his Beast Army, Grimlock was among those affected by his mind control and was pitted against his Autobot allies on Earth. After the beasts were liberated from Onyx’s control, the Dinobots were brought back to Autobot City along with the other Maximals. Not long after the Onyx conflict, Autobot City was invaded by Thunderwing’s armies; although the Dinobots took out a fair number of Predacons, they were nonetheless forced to evacuate from the city with the others. The Dinobots later took part in the final battle against Thunderwing and his army, during which Grimlock killed the Herald Shokaract.

   The following year, Grimlock returned to Earth as part of the Autobot Earthforce in order to prevent the planet’s Regenesis ore from falling into the wrong hands. After being betrayed by Sector Seven, the Autobots were forced to flee from their base and eventually found a hiding place at a junkyard in the Badlands of South Dakota. When Sector Seven and the Decepticons tracked them there, the Earthforce was once again forced to retreat though they soon found a new home courtesy of the mobile Metroplex.

   When the Earthforce departed from Earth to aid the Lost Light, Grimlock stayed behind with Bumblebee and others to protect their human allies. They were then attacked by Scorponok, who defeated Grimlock with ease before abducting Sari Sumdac. The Dinobot was later placed in a CR chamber to recover from his injuries.

Red Alert
  • Home city:
  • Born:
  • Alternate mode: Fire rescue car

   Red Alert doesn’t trust anyone, which makes him ideal for the role of Security Director. However, he often times fails to keep his paranoia in check and tends to misjudge bots or raise false alarms. His sessions with Rung have helped him in adjusting himself for the better, but has still been known to crack when under stressful circumstances.

   Constructed cold before the war, Red Alert served as a warden at Translucentica Heights in the years leading to the Decepticons’ reemergence. He closely followed the activities of groups such as Triple M and the Malware Brigade, and was constantly paranoid of the High Council using him for their own devices. He eventually joined the Security Force and was promoted to Director by the time of the Second Great War.

   Six months after the Unicron conflict, Red Alert joined the crew of the Lost Light, serving as Chief of Security. When the ship was taken over by “clones” led by a “reborn” Megatron, Red Alert’s paranoia took over him and he ended up killing the double agent Dealer, despite the fact that Dealer was trying to help them. Some time later, during a fight with the Secret Order, Red Alert destroyed a proxy body of Shockwave’s, leading to a confrontation with Rodimus over the latter’s leniency with Decepticons. Red Alert was then severely injured by Bruticus and remained incapacitated for the rest of the fight.

   A month later, Red Alert was repaired and serving as security director at Autobot City. When the Predacons attacked, Red Alert oversaw the city’s evacuation.

  • Home city: Nova Cronum
  • Born: Cycle 7998
  • Alternate mode: Hatchback car

   Skids would have you believe that he is a mere theoretician; this in spite of the numerous guns on his person. While he is indeed that, he is also an agent of the clandestine Autobot Secret Service and one of their top agents, bolstered by his “outlier” ability to easily adapt to a given situation.

   Forged in Nova Cronum in Cycle 7998, Skids was brought into the Jhiaxian Academy of Advanced Technology to hone his powers under the guidance of High Councilor Shockwave. During his time as a student, he took part in a mission with Optronix to uncover a plot by the corrupt High Council but little success came of it. Years later, he and his fellow outliers teamed up with Optronix’s brother Orion Pax to do the same in regards to Zeta Prime‘s “New Council”, although little came from their operation as well.

   At some point during the Second Great War, Skids became an agent of the Autobot Secret Service, working under Director Prowl. In Cycle 9564, he and his long-time partner Doubleface were dispatched to infiltrate the Decepticon prison Grindcore. When Doubleface was captured, Skids was forced to repair Grindcore’s teleport chamber by the commandant — who just so happened to be Skids’ former peer Damus. However, the “teleport” chamber turned out to be a smelting pool and Skids was forced to witness fifty Autobot prisoners — one of them being the scientist Quark — be melted down for raw materials. Although the Autobots were eventually able to liberate Skids and the remaining prisoners at the Fall of Grindcore, the special agent was forever scarred by the tragedy he had helped bring about.

   Years later, Skids found a new partner in the form of Rollbar whom, unbeknownst to him, was a reincarnation of Doubleface and better known as Sideways. In Cycle 9764, Rollbar assumed Skids’ appearance and killed a fellow agent of their’s. While Skids was quickly cleared of charges, Rollbar vanished before justice could be delivered. Although his innocence was proven, Skids’ reputation was forever tarnished by what Rollbar had done to him and Skids vowed revenge against his former partner.

   In Cycle 9814, Skids and his new partner Getaway were sent to track down Chief Justice Tyrest. Finding him on Gigantion, they discovered he was working with the Heralds of Unicron to bring back the Chaos Bringer Unicron. After failing to stop him, Getaway was captured while Skids escaped on a shuttle, unknowingly made of Tyrest’s Legislators. Using a nudge gun to erase his memory of the operation, Skids was awoken by a message from Prowl, who had a new mission for him: a trio of Decepticons had been found meddling in the far future, working to repurpose a fleet of space cruise liners into dreadnaughts. Using a transwarp drive on the Legislator shuttle, Skids jumped to 800 years into the future to Cycle 10606.

   Arriving on the future Earth, Skids crashed the shuttle and single-handedly dealt with the Legislators it had been comprised of. He then met a pair of Earth-made robots by the names of WALL-E and EVE, who aided him in tracking down Windtrail and his team of Decepticons, bringing an end to their scheme. After parting ways with WALL-E and EVE, and sending the sole surviving Decepticon Viral to Garrus-16, Skids received his next orders from Prowl: To find and kill his former partner Rollbar.

   Tracking down Rollbar to Gorlam Prime, Skids accosted his former partner and warped them both to Luna 2. After a brief scuffle, Rollbar escaped Skids grasp and returned to his superiors. Not long afterward, the Heralds of Unicron took over Cybertron and drove the Autobots off the planet. In the midst of the resulting chaos, Skids was picked up by the crew of the Lost Light and joined them in their search for Optimus Prime.

   After stopping the schemes of the mad Pharma on Messatine, the crew of the Lost Light eventually found Optimus on the present-day Earth. After reuniting with him and his crew, Skids and the others set off for Gigantion, where they were captured by Tyrest’s forces. After being incapacitated by Star Saber, Skids was brought to Metroplex, where he was reunited with his partner Getaway. After defeating Tyrest, the Autobots set off to rejoin other forces scattered across the galaxy and bring the fight to the recently freed Unicron. During the ensuing battle against the Heralds of Unicron, Skids encountered Rollbar once again, who revealed himself to be Sideways. Driven by anger over how he had been deceived, Skids shot Sideways point-blank in the face, killing the Herald and destroying all of the Heralds’ Shifter operatives.

   After Unicron had been vanquished, Skids rejoined the crew of the Lost Light as it fell under the command of Rodimus. Shortly upon departure, the Autobot scientist Brainstorm began meddling with the timeline in his plot to travel back in time and kill Megatron, which inadvertently brought the Earth Robot WALL-E onto the Lost Light. With help from Skids, the Lost Light jumped to WALL-E’s future, only to find it overwritten by an alternate timeline created by Brainstorm’s meddling. After meeting with Boltax on Luna 1, the Crusadercons deduced what Brainstorm’s plan was and chased him through time to stop him. Eventually the rogue Autobot was defeated and the timeline was restored to normal, after which Skids saw WALL-E off on Future Earth.

   Following a trip to Hedonia, during which Skids became acquainted with another race of alien robots, the Crusadercons returned to the Lost Light after a coffin containing the Decepticon Viral was discovered. Recognizing Viral from Windtrail’s plot on Future Earth, Skids was skeptical of the Decepticon as he led the Lost Lighters to Garrus-16, where they were immediately captured by Gigatron and his Monstercons. Skids was eventually able to escape and encountered a young Autobot named Ariel, who led him to three others who had also managed to escape. After reluctantly accepting the aid of Viral, Skids and the others worked towards freeing the other Crusadercons and bringing an end to Gigatron and Overlord’s schemes. When Ariel destroyed Garrus-16 with a sonic scream, the Monstercons withdrew from Talrus, allowing Skids and his freed crew mates to return to the Lost Light.

   Once the quest was back on track, the Crusadercons finally reached their first true destination: Caminus. Although Skids was part of Rodimus’ party to meet with the Mistress of Flame, he was barred from entering the Citadel due to his integrated weaponry, forcing him to stay behind with Ariel and a Camien who called herself Rapid Run. However, when the rogue Autobot Pharma was reported to be at the Citadel, the three were allowed back in to handle the situation. Skids accompanied Ultra Magnus to warn the Mistress of Flame only to be accosted by Ratchet — who was, in fact, a disguised Pharma. An unconscious Skids was later rescued by Rung and Froid, and teleported to Carcer seconds before the Citadel was blown up by the Secret Order.

   Shortly upon awakening on Carcer, Skids broke off from the others and set off in search for answers to their mysterious location, crossing paths with the Covenant. After learning what he could from Carcer’s mysterious leaders, Skids returned to the others to find his friend Swerve as a result of a century-old bullet lodged in the minibot’s shoulder. Once the bullet had been extracted and Swerve healed, Skids accompanied Getaway, Nautica, and Nightbeat in roaming through Carcer. Not far into their exploration, the four Autobots were targeted by the escaped serial killer Sunder, who targeted Skids for his repressed memories. After a lengthy struggle, during which Skids was incapacitated, Sunder was finally brought down by Nautica and the others, freeing Skids from his torment.

   While Rodimus and some of the others traveled to meet the Necrobot, Skids stayed behind to recuperate from his encounter with Sunder. While dealing with reemerging memories of Grindcore, Skids found out that the Camien Rapid Run was in fact Sideways, having been “reborn” into a new body upon their supposed demise six months ago. After revealing herself, Sideways kept Skids preoccupied long enough for her fellow Heralds to capture Cyclonus before departing from Carcer. Not long after, Skids and the other remaining Crusadercons were sent through a space bridge by Sentinel Major to rejoin Rodimus and the others on Velocitron.

   After reuniting with the other Crusadercons (as well as a formerly AWOL Brainstorm), the crew of the Lost Light traveled to Outpost One to rescue the Wreckers. While the others did battle with the Chimeracons, Skids visited the Megatron clone Archforce in his cell and gathered as much as he could of the Secret Order and their operations. After the situation at Outpost One was dealt with, Skids visited Swerve’s bar to learn about a supposed “fanboy” who had been pestering the bartender. Deciding to investigate, Skids visited Clutch in his quarters and learned that he was a Secret Service agent like himself. Clutch then attacked Skids before fleeing to the brig, where a pursuing Skids bore witness to him “budding” and producing a bot named Cannonspring. Not long after, the Lost Light was lured to the Floating Fortress by Tarantulas, where Skids and any other bot with a forged spark was abducted. Upon being freed by the remaining Crusadercons, Skids took part in the struggle against the Secret Order’s forces and bore witness to Megatron’s return.

   A month into the Crusadercons’ resumed quest — while en route to Paradron — the Lost Light received a visit from a time-traveling Dion, who had arrived from the same future as WALL-E and EVE. After becoming acquainted with Dion, Skids accompanied him and the others to Paradron only to be immediately arrested by the local security force, having discovered that Megatron was on board their ship. In truth, Dion had come from the future to arrest Megatron himself so the former despot could be tried and executed by the Galactic Alliance. However, Dion was sent back into the future by Megatron himself before he could proceed with this. After dealing with the combined threats of the D.J.D. and Carcer — as well as fixing their sabotaged engine — the Crusadercons returned to their quest.

   Shortly after the Lost Light had returned to Necroworld and met up with Optimus Prime and his small crew, Skids was summoned by Que to his lab. There, the scientist informed Skids that Prowl desired access to Ariel’s memories in the hopes of solving their ties to the Secret Order and using them to undermine the clandestine faction. Repulsed by the idea of using mnemosurgery on Ariel, Skids refused to carry through with the orders. Before Skids could be deactivated for his disobedience, Que was shot in the head with a nudge gun by Getaway; having received similar orders, Skids’ fellow agent had come to his rescue knowing that he would refuse to go through with them. The two were later called on by Ultra Magnus to accompany him down to Necroworld, where they were immediately attacked by the Secret Order.

   Eventually, the members of the Order turned against their leader Delta Magnus after she showed her true colors and made peace with the Crusadercons once all was said and done. Not long after, however, Skids was accosted by Vector Prime, who had come to capture him and other members of the Secret Service for their use of Transwarp technology. After being thrown into Vector’s void prison, Skids encountered his old enemy Viral, who had also been apprehended by the ancient Prime. An altercation between Vector Prime and Megatron would eventually free the time travelers from their prison; after Vector had departed, the Crusadercons and their allies departed for Cybertron so they could plan on dealing with the rogue Delta Magnus.

   A month later, Skids was stationed at Autobot City on Earth when it was attacked by Ragnarok, who proceeded to steal the Matrix of Leadership from Optimus Prime. Shortly afterwards, he joined his fellow Autobots in battling the mind-controlled army of beast-formers that had been raised by Onyx Prime.

   Following the defeat of the Beast Army, Skids saved Ariel and Rampage from a vengeful Depth Charge, who had come to Earth to kill Rampage. After making peace with the hunter, Skids rejoined the crew of the Lost Light under the joint command of Optimus Prime and Megatron as they followed Depth Charge to the rediscovered Luna 1. Upon arrival, they were attacked by Vehicons, which forcibly separated the team from one another. After rescuing Chromedome from being converted, Skids was joined by Dion and Vector Prime, who had come back to their time to lend a hand.

Alpha Trion
  • Home city: Kutanzuule
  • Born:
  • Alternate mode:

   Alpha Trion is one of the oldest and wisest Autobots. Given the task of guarding the ancient supercomputer Vector Sigma, Alpha Trion is respected by Autobot and Decepticon alike and his wisdom is held in high esteem.

   Few know of his past before becoming the sage of Cybertron and even fewer know that he was once of the Thirteen Primes. Before then, he was known as A3 and led the rebellion that drove the tyrannical Quintessons off Cybertron. He later rose as a leader among the Thirteen Tribes and was one of the first to join the alliance that gathered at Crystal City. After the disastrous War of the Primes, Alpha Trion was one of the only Primes to remain behind, serving as an advisor to Primon who had been named Prime in their absence. After Primon came the rise of Galactus Prime, who brought tyranny once more to Cybertron. Together with Nova Major, Alpha Trion succeeded in overthrowing Galactus and later helped Nova unite the Thirteen Tribes under the Autobot banner.

   At some point, Nova Prime became fearful of the Thirteen returning and driving Cybertron into chaos once more. To that extent, he erased Alpha Trion’s memory of ever being a Prime and had him alter the history records to portray the Thirteen as mere myths rather than actual figures. Those who were present during the Thirteen’s time saw through the deception but they were kept quiet, either out of disregard or with the help of other mind-altering means. As a result of Nova’s revisionism, Alpha Trion’s exploits as a Prime were attributed to a non-existent figure known as “Sigma Prime”.

   Alpha Trion would continue his role as sage and historian long after Nova Prime departed from Cybertron, serving as an adviser for subsequent Primes from Nominus to Sentinel. During the Golden Age, he rescued a Mini-Con by the name of Beta Maxx, who had been left the sole survivor of his village following an attack made by the High Council. Trion also mentored a number of young Autobots during this time, including Orion Pax and Optronix, both whom he felt would have large roles to play in the future.

   Indeed, while Optronix would be nominated to succeed Sentinel as Prime, he instead ended up being captured by the Decepticons and turned into a soldier of destruction. Taking on the name Megatron, the former Autobot confronted Alpha Trion and demanded possession of the Key to Vector Sigma. When Trion refused, Megatron blasted him with his fusion cannon before setting out to confront Sentinel Prime. Recovering from the attack, Alpha Trion resumed his role as adviser under Zeta Prime.

    Ten years later, Alpha Trion was again captured by Decepticons seeking access to Vector Sigma. After being rescued by Orion Pax, Alpha Trion received a bladed object from Windblade, who had been handed it by Wing Dagger with the claim that Alpha Trion would know what to do with the blade. With Zeta Prime’s death at the hands of the Decepticons, Orion Pax succeeded him as Optimus Prime and Alpha Trion continued advising the Prime over the course of the Second Great War.

   In Cycle 9701, shortly after Optimus Prime and his crew had departed from Cybertron just as Nova Prime had many millennia ago, Alpha Trion and Beta Maxx were captured by the Fallen, who had once been a Prime from Trion’s age. Due to his amnesia, Trion was unfamiliar with Megatronus and he would later assume that the Fallen had captured for the Unbinding due to being a descendant of “Sigma Prime”, unaware that he himself was “Sigma Prime”. The Fallen’s plan was eventually undone and Alpha Trion was rescued by the united Autobots and Decepticons.

   Over a century later, after Megatron had returned from a period of absence, the Decepticons launched a full-scale assault on Cybertron. Amid the chaos, Alpha Trion was captured by the Decepticon Justice Division and held hostage on New Kaon. When Ultra Magnus refused a demand for surrender, the D.J.D. proceeded to execute Alpha Trion.

   Sometime later, Optimus Prime ended up in the Dead Universe where he encountered a phantom of Alpha Trion. Said phantom went on to recount his past as a member of the Thirteen; however, because his tale was riddled with falsehoods, including the fictitious “Sigma Prime” name, it is unknown if this phantom was an actual manifestation of Alpha Trion or rather an illusion created by the Dead Universe.

  • Home city: Iacon Minor
  • Born:
  • Alternate mode: Car

   Dion has been through a lot. Thanks to a number of time travel-related events, he is practically ageless and often finds it difficult to sort out his memories. Regardless, he remembers enough to know his duty as an Autobot and will do whatever it takes to protect his friends.

   Hailing from Iacon Minor, Dion attended the Autobot Academy in Cycle 8204, where he first met Elite Guard legend Optronix. Dion idolized Optronix and put all of his effort into the Academy, eventually graduating into the Elite Guard himself by 8214. He was assigned to Optronix’s command and the two quickly became friends. During a stakeout mission in Polyhex, Dion was abducted by a time-traveling Brainstorm, who was on a personal mission to kill Megatron — the person Optronix would one day become in the future. After learning of Optronix’s construction date from Dion, Brainstorm wiped his memory and left him stranded in Rodion with a new paint job and a new identity: Sprint.

   Unaware of his previous life, Sprint rejoined the Autobots and went through the Academy all over again, this time ending up as an infantryman by the time of the Second Great War. In Cycle 9678, Sprint was captured by the Decepticons on Magmus Major and used as a subject for their Transwarp Drive experiments on Sigma VII. The Decepticons tested the Transwarp Drive by sending Dion to various points in the future, only to miscalculate a jump and send him nearly a thousand years into the future, too far for them to retrieve him. Crashing on the future world of Earth, Sprint lost his memories once again, although this time he was able to remember his original name of Dion. Shortly after awakening, he was found by the Earth robots WALL-E and EVE, who introduced Dion to the robot-human community on Earth.

   Over time, Dion was able to recover his memories — both as himself and as Dion — and came to join the newly-formed Star Command. In Cycle 10774, Star Command gave Dion the mission of traveling back to the past to retrieve the Decepticon leader Megatron, who had gone missing by that point in time, and bring him back to the future to stand trial. With the Time Micron Cop-Tur, Dion traveled back to Cycle 9815 — the last year Megatron was recorded to be active — and joined the crew of the Lost Light in order to get close to the former Decepticon leader.

   When the Lost Light arrived on Paradron, Dion had local security arrest the crew, preventing them from interfering with his mission. Visiting Megatron in his quarters, Dion used Cop-Tur to open a time portal and attempted to convince his old friend to come with him peacefully. However, he was pushed into the portal by Soundblaster, stranding him on Future Earth. With the help of Star Command, Dion was able to use a prototype time machine to get back to Paradron, only for it to break on him upon arrival, this time stranding him in the past. Left without any other options, Dion rejoined the crew of the Lost Light and worked with Brainstorm towards returning to his time.

   Despite Brainstorm’s attempts to help him, Dion quickly became overwhelmed with his time-displacement and started seeing Rung to sort out his disarrayed thoughts and memories. When the crew came into conflict with the Secret Order on Necroworld, Dion helped Brainstorm send a message to Star Command so they could provide them with assistance. However, by the time the Axiom arrived, the Secret Order had already been dealt with. While Dion tried to sort things out with AUTO, who was adamant about arresting Megatron, the entire encounter was interrupted by Vector Prime. Irritated by what their endeavors had done to the timeline, the ancient Prime proceeded to use his sword to send Dion and the Axiom back to the future, preventing them from muddying the timeline any further.

   Following a change of heart, Vector Prime later retrieved Dion from the future and the two tracked down the Crusadercons to Luna 1, rescuing Skids and Chromedome from Quintesson-made Vehicons. After Luna 1 was steered back into Cybertron’s orbit, Dion and Vector Prime joined in the fight against Thunderwing and his forces. Afterwards, Dion returned to the future, with the ex-Crusadercon Ariel accompanying him.

   Around eight years after Dion’s return, Earth was invaded by a horde of energy-vampires led by the former Decepticon Fearstorm. While most of the planet was evacuated, Dion remained behind along with a team of cadets to keep track of the vampires and their movement. Upon being spotted by the vampires, Dion’s cadets were killed while the Autobot himself was captured by Fearstorm and Viral. The two ex-Decepticons then brought Dion to the dormant form of Metroplex and pressured him to access the Underbase and destroy it. While Dion acquiesced to connecting with the Underbase, he attempted to use it to find a way to stop Fearstorm and his operations. However, the Underbase’s consciousness refused to cooperate and ended up killing Dion through the connection.

Emirate Xaaron
  • Home city: Iacon
  • Born:
  • Alternate mode: Combat tank

   Emirate Xaaron may not seem like much of a physical fighter — which he isn’t — but his words can bring as much impact as a Wrecker’s fists.

   Forged in Iacon near the start of the Silver Age, Xaaron was a student at the Academy of Science and Technology when he decided to enlist in the Primal Vanguard during the Destron Wars. However, a disastrous run-in with the Destrons led Xaaron to drop out of the Vanguard and instead take up a career in politics. He quickly rose through the rungs of society and was eventually made Iacon’s representative on the Cybertron High Council in the years following the Ark’s departure.

   Xaaron would continue to serve on the Council through the reigns of Nominus Prime to Sentinel Prime. After the end of the First Great War, a weary Xaaron decided to retire from the Council, allowing the up-and-coming Proteus to take his seat. At the suggestion of Sentinel Prime, Xaaron took on the role of chief legal adviser under Chief Justice Tyrest. By Cycle 8814, Xaaron was a member of the Ethics Committee, which would later come to be stationed at Kimia Facility following the outbreak of the Second Great War.

   Following the defeat of the Heralds of Unicron, Xaaron joined the crew of the Lost Light as they set off in search for the Knights of Cybertron. After a time-traveling Brainstorm was apprehended, Xaaron presided over his trial and motioned to let Brainstorm remain on the ship under strict supervision.