The Ark II began construction during the First Great War as a contingency plan by Sentinel Prime in the event that the Decepticons succeeded in conquering Cybertron. While construction was completed, no such event came to pass and thus the Ark was hidden beneath the Metroplex. It was later uncovered by Optimus Prime after the Cataclysm and used as his crew’s vessel during the search for the AllSpark.

Optimus Prime
  • Home city: Tyger Pax
  • Born: Cycle 8214
  • Alternate mode: Truck

   Optimus Prime is the courageous leader of the Autobots. Born Orion Pax, he was the brother of famed Autobot Optronix before he became the Decepticon leader Megatron. Now, after becoming a Prime with his discovery of the Matrix of Leadership, he is forced to face his corrupted brother and stop the Decepticons from conquering the universe.

   Forged in Tyger Pax in Cycle 8214, Orion Pax was raised by Autobot veteran Magnum and inducted into the esteemed House of Pax. Early into his life, Orion was introduced to Magnum’s sparkmate Hydra and her former charge Optronix, whom Orion came to view as his brother. Upon coming of age, Orion began a career as a data keeper under the tutelage of Alpha Trion. However, Orion was not content with this as his future and instead pursued a career with the Cybertron Security Force, in the hopes of becoming as well idolized as his brother.

   During this time, Orion became fast friends with Roller, who was also friends with Optronix. In Cycle 8814, he joined his brother in investigating Decepticon activities on Cybertron but failed to reconnect with the older Autobot. Not long after, Optronix was captured by the Decepticons and turned into one of their own, with him adopting the name of “Megatron”. With his brother now leading the Decepticons, it was up to Orion to bring back justice to his family name. Zeta Prime was quick to take advantage of him, using Orion as a “poster bot” for the Autobots just as Optronix had been used by Sentinel Prime. After seeing through Zeta’s scheme, Orion distanced himself from the Prime and became determined to become his own bot rather than stand in someone else’s shadow.

   Ten years later, Orion was captured by the Decepticons at Vehicon and infected with a program created by Megatron, turning him into the monstrous Scourge. Eventually Orion was able to free himself of Scourge’s control but was forced to coexist with him in some form, as Scourge’s mind was now permanently tethered to his and could only die if Orion himself perished. A short time after, Orion discovered the Matrix of Leadership deep beneath Iacon and awakened the ancient Titan Metroplex. With Zeta Prime dead, Orion Pax — now known as Optimus Prime — became leader of the Autobots and led the fight against his brother Megatron and the Decepticons.

   After Thunderwing’s Dark Energon-induced rampage had rendered Cybertron in a desolate state, Optimus organized a crew of Autobots to set out in search of the legendary AllSpark, which had been shattered in numerous fragments and scattered across the galaxy. After recovering an AllSpark shard from Double Clutch on Velocitron, Optimus and his crew ran into Megatron and his Decepticons at Junkion. During the altercation, Optimus was captured by the bounty hunter Lockdown, who handed him over to a faction of Quintessons on Aquatron. The Quintessons attempted to brainwash Optimus into serving them, reactivating the dormant Scourge persona and turning him into Nemesis Prime. However, Nemesis turned against the Quintessons and went on a rampage across Aquatron. He was eventually defeated and restored by his fellow Autobots and Optimus continued to lead them in their quest.

   Eventually their adventures brought them to Earth, where they fell into conflict with the Decepticons once more, resulting in their ship crashing on the planet and knocking them into stasis for the next hundred years. In Cycle 9813, the volcano in which they had crashed erupted and Optimus was among those awaken. After meeting and forging an alliance with the local humans, the Autobots continued their search for the AllSpark while also trying to find a means to contact Cybertron.

   The following year, Optimus and his crew uncovered activities by the clandestine Machination group which connected them to the rogue Decepticon Scorponok. After defeating Scorponok, the Autobots went after Megatron and his Earthbound Decepticons, infiltrating their flagship. However, Optimus and the others were captured and forced to bear witness as the Decepticons launched a full-scale invasion on Cybertron. Said invasion took an unexpected turn when the Heralds of Unicron revealed themselves and wrested control from Megatron, before casting Optimus into the Dead Universe. After encountering a projection of his late mentor Alpha Trion, Optimus found a way back to reality through an AllSpark fragment embedded into Scorponok and rejoined the Autobots on Earth, defeating Scorponok once more in the process.

   Not long after his return, Optimus was reunited with his sparkmate Elita-One, who had come to Earth with her crew in search of him. The combined Autobot crews then set out for Gigantion in hopes of finding a means to defeat the Heralds of Unicron. Upon arriving, they were brought to the audience of Chief Justice Tyrest, who had gone missing shortly before the Cataclysm. When Optimus discovered that Tyrest was working with the Heralds, the Chief Justice had the Autobots locked away. They were able to free themselves with the help of Getaway and confronted Tyrest just as he activated Gigantion’s Nega-Core, freeing Unicron from his interdimensional prison. After defeating Tyrest, Optimus summoned the scattered Autobot forces and began making preparations for their fight against the Chaos Bringer.

   Traveling to the colony of Archon, Optimus convinced former Autobot Metalhawk to lend his colony’s aid in the fight against Unicron. Not long after, Megatron approached him with the offer of an alliance, to which Optimus agreed. The united Transformers then made their moved against Unicron and his Heralds, with Optimus and Megatron going straight for the Chaos Bringer himself. Within Unicron, Optimus and Megatron fought against Galvatron while trying to make it to the planet-eater’s core. Once there, Prime attempted to use the Matrix of Leadership only for it to refuse to open. Realizing that Megatron was the true Matrix bearer, he handed the Matrix to his brother and escaped the planet-eater just as Megatron opened the Matrix, vanquishing Unicron and himself. In the aftermath, Optimus accessed Vector Sigma and requested the ancient supercomputer to reunite the AllSpark shards, using its powers to restore Cybertron to its original state and bring the Transformers into a New Age.

   Six months into the New Age, Optimus Prime was captured by Shockwave, who was working with the Secret Order to take control of Cybertron. Handing him over to V’Tra, a rogue member of the Galactic Council, Optimus was overridden by his Nemesis person and subjected to gladiatorial fights for the entertainment of organics. When he finally regained control of himself, he teamed up with the Monsterbot Doublecross to escape from V’Tra’s fortress and ended up on the deserted surface of Theophany. Optimus was then summoned by the voice of Metrotitan and brought to the ruins of Crystal City, where he was confronted by Sixknight. After convincing Sixknight to help them, Optimus commandeered Metrotitan off of Theophany and set off for Cybertron.

   For reasons unknown however, Metrotitan instead brought Prime and his crew to Necroworld, home of the fabled Necrobot. There they met up with the Lost Light, who had since taken in a recently reborn Megatron. This news reawakened the Nemesis virus, causing Prime to go in a rage and attack Megatron. The former Decepticon leader was eventually able to subdue Nemesis Prime and extracted the virus from his brother’s memory core, downloading it into himself. Afterwards, it was revealed that the Matrix of Leadership had also survived destruction, although it was the only thing keeping Megatron alive.

   Shortly after their reunion, Optimus and Megatron bore witness to the arrival of the Secret Order’s forces. The two leaders were subsequently captured by the Combaticons and brought before the mastermind of the Order itself: their former caretaker Hydra. After a tense reunion with Hydra and Magnum, the two brothers were able to escape via a portal generated by Soundblaster, only to then be accosted and recaptured by Shockwave. After escaping once more, Optimus and Megatron came into conflict with the combiner Galvatronus, whom Megatron was eventually able to disable with the Matrix.

   After the two leaders were brought back to Necroworld to recuperate, the united factions were accosted by the Galactic Alliance, who had come to the future to arrest Megatron. Before Optimus could negotiate with the captain of the Axiom, the Alliance ships were sent back into the future by Vector Prime, who then went after Megatron to retrieve the Matrix of Leadership. After a brief scuffle, the Matrix was returned to Optimus’ possession (with Megatron now relying on the Nemesis virus to stay alive) while a bitter Vector retreated. The two brothers then led their forces back to Cybertron to track down the rogue Shockwave and prepare for the coming conflict.

   Over the next month, the Autobots reestablished operations on Earth to handle reports of rogue Cybertronian activity. When Ragnarok attacked Autobot City, Optimus Prime confronted the Decepticon giant only to have the Matrix of Leadership ripped from his chest. Not long afterwards, Optimus and a team of Autobots met up with Megatron and his Decepticons to fight Onyx Prime and his army of beasts.

   Following the Onyx Prime incident, the Autobot Depth Charge arrived on Earth and informed Optimus of the reappearance of Luna 1. Optimus and Megatron proceeded to organize a crew and took the Lost Light to Luna 1, where they were instantly attacked by Vehicons. The two leaders were apprehended by the drones, and Optimus’ spark was extracted by Quintus Prime with the intent of using it to power Luna 2 in her scheme. Ultimately however, Quintus’ scheme was foiled and Optimus’ spark was retrieved from Luna 2. Because his body had been used to create “Guiltaur,” a temporary body was constructed for him. Once he was back on his feet, Optimus formally passed the Matrix of Leadership to Rodimus and returned to his original identity as “Orion Pax.”

  • Home city: Iacon
  • Born: Cycle 8314
  • Alternate mode: Car

   Small in size yet big in spark, Bumblebee is very much the heart of the Autobots. Always cheerful and upbeat, Bumblebee is quick to provide levity during times of darkness, and although some see him as naive, they nonetheless respect the skills he delivers on as a scout.

   Forged in Iacon near the end of the Golden Age, Bumblebee was taken into the care of Zizza along with a number of other protoforms. It was Zizza’s plan to raise her “children” as a swarm army to one day overwhelm the capitol of Iacon and overthrow Sentinel Prime. Upon discovering Zizza’s scheme, Bumblebee sneaked out and alerted the Autobot Elite Guard, who sent Optronix to bring an end to Zizza’s operations. Bumblebee was rewarded for his bravery and granted the function of courier.

   During this time, Bumblebee was close friends with Cliffjumper and Hubcap, as well as Bulkhead whom he would visit on the energon farms.

   In Cycle 8814, Bumblebee was selected for a mission led by Optronix to investigate criminal activity in Kaon. As it turned out, these “criminals” were in fact working for the Decepticons, who were planning to return from exile and take their revenge on the Autobots. Not long afterwards, Optronix joined the Decepticons and took control of their empire, adopting the name “Megatron”. This would haunt Bumblebee for many centuries to come, as he had always looked up to Optronix ever since he had been rescue by him.

   Ten years into the Second Great War, Bumblebee fell under the command of Optronix’s brother Orion Pax, who would eventually become leader of the Autobots as Optimus Prime. Bumblebee came to see Optimus as the hero he had always thought Optronix had been and the two shared something of a “mentor-student” relationship over the course of the war.

   After the Cataclysm, Bumblebee joined the crew of the Ark II as it set out in search of the AllSpark. When the ship crash-landed on Earth, Bumblebee was knocked into stasis along with the rest of the crew. Over a century later, Bumblebee was among the first Autobots to be awakened and it was thanks to his friendly nature that Sector Seven was convinced of the Autobots’ benevolent intentions. In 2014, Bumblebee was on a scouting mission when he was “purchased” by the young engineer Jimmy Pink. He was forced to reveal himself when two Decepticons accosted Jimmy and his friends, leading him to bring the humans back to base.

   Over the course of the Autobots’ stay on Earth, Bumblebee and his teammate would deal with Megatron and his Decepticons as well as the mysterious faction Machination. After the latter was ultimately dealt with, the Earthbound Autobots were joined by Elita-One and her crew before setting out for Gigantion, where they encountered the mad Chief Justice Tyrest and bore witness to Unicron being freed from his prison. Bumblebee went on to participate in the final battle against the Heralds of Unicron.

   Six months after the Chaos Bringer’s defeat, Bumblebee was among those abducted by the Secret Order who planned to use the sparks of those who were forged to power their space bridge. After the Secret Order had been defeated, Bumblebee returned to Earth with his fellow Autobots and was stationed at Autobot City, where they dealt with the threat of Onyx Prime and his army of beasts. Shortly afterwards, Autobot City was invaded by the forces of Thunderwing and Bumblebee was injured in the ensuing battle, losing his jaw. Once the Autobots had escaped to their original Earthbase, Bumblebee was repaired and he later took part in the final battle against Thunderwing, working alongside the Dinobot Swoop.

  • Home city: Praxus
  • Born:
  • Alternate mode: Car

   Brought up in Praxus, Bluestreak originally wanted nothing to do with the war and remained neutral during the early days of the Second Great War. This changed when Praxus was destroyed by the Decepticons, pushing him to finally join the Autobots.

   In Cycle 9701, Bluestreak was among the crew of the Ark II as it set off in search of the AllSpark. When the ship crash-landed on Earth, Bluestreak was knocked into stasis lock and remained in that state for the next 113 years. He was later brought back online in time to participate in the fight against the Heralds of Unicron, seeing to the Chaos Bringer’s destruction.

   Six months later, Bluestreak joined the crew of the Lost Light as it set off in search of the Knights of Cybertron, serving as an assistant at Swerve’s bar.

  • Home city: Monoplex
  • Born: Cycle 5816
  • Alternate mode: Jeep

   Forged in Lower Monoplex, Hound was a member of the Primal Vanguard during the later years of the First Great War. Come the Golden Age, when the Primal Vanguard transitioned into the Elite Guard, Hound chose to step down and instead served as a civil officer in his city-state’s Security Force, though he remained in touch with his former comrades and would often help train aspiring bots hoping to join the Elite Guard.

   When the Decepticons reemerged from exile, Hound rejoined the Autobots to combat the resurgent threat. After the Cataclysm of 9701, Hound joined Optimus Prime as a crew member of the Ark II as it set off in search of the scattered fragments of the Allspark. The Ark eventually made its way to Earth where it crash-landed, knocking Hound and the rest of the crew into stasis lock. Over a century later, Hound was reawakened by Optimus Prime’s crew and he joined them in dealing with Scorponok’s Machination operations.

   Following the defeat of the Chaos Bringer Unicron and his Heralds, Hound joined the crew of the Lost Light under the command of Rodimus as they set off in search of the Knights of Cybertron. When Rodimus and others were captured by Gigatron and his Monstercons on Talrus, Hound was part of a team sent down to rescue them. Later, when Rodimus and several others went missing on Caminus, Hound — as fourth-in-command — assumed temporary command of the Lost Light as the Crusadercons dealt with clones of the late Decepticon leader Megatron. When Rodimus and the others rejoined them at Velocitron, Hound happily relinquished command to the captain.

   In the following month, the Crusadercons clashed with the mysterious Secret Order at the home of the Necrobot. During the ensuing conflict, Hound was among four Autobots who were forcibly fused with Cyclonus to create the combiner Galvatronus. Luckily, the gestalt was swiftly dealt with and Hound was able to recover from the experience. He later became a member of the Autobot contingent on Earth and helped investigate mysterious sightings of Cybertronians, as well as helping to rescue his fellow Crusadercon Chromedome from the D.J.D. Not long afterwards, he joined his fellow Autobots in fighting against the forces of Thunderwing, teaming up with the Dinobot Slash during the battle.

  • Home city: Thetacon
  • Born: Cycle 5814
  • Alternate mode: Van

   Tough and ornery, Ironhide has been through it all and has come out all the stronger for it. Constructed in the city of Thetacon, Ironhide enrolled in the Autobot Academy early on in the First Great War and became close friends with the veteran Kup. Although he was frequently denied membership with the Primal Vanguard, Ironhide’s perseverance nonetheless impressed his superiors and he quickly became a respected soldier in the fight against the Decepticons.

   After the war, Ironhide joined the Cybertron Security Force and eventually became chief of the Rodion division. When Orion Pax was transferred to his division, the two quickly developed a close mentor-student relationship, which evolved into a trusting friendship when Pax became Optimus Prime. During the Second Great War, Ironhide became a member of Optimus’ inner circle.

   In Cycle 9701, after Cybertron had been ravaged by Thunderwing, Ironhide joined the crew of the Ark II under the command of Optimus Prime and traveled with his fellow Autobots in search of the AllSpark. Eventually, their quest led them to Earth where they were shot down by the Decepticons and knocked offline for the next 113 years. A volcanic eruption triggered their awakening and Ironhide continued to serve as Optimus’ confidant as the Autobots continued their fight against the Decepticons.

  • Home city: Staniz
  • Born: Cycle 7830
  • Alternate mode: Car

   Brought up in the industrial city of Staniz, Jazz found himself drawn more the music scene and had aspirations of making it big as an artist. However, he was aware that the rising Functionists of the Cybertronian government frowned on such pursuits and, after failing to make it on his own after leaving Staniz, decided to join the Autobot Elite Guard in order to escape repercussions. In Cycle 8814, Jazz was present as a member of Sentinel Prime’s security detail when the Decepticon Lockdown attempted to assassinate the Prime.

   Over the course of the Second Great War, Jazz rose through the ranks and became a trusted adviser and friend to Optimus Prime, sharing joint second-in-command duties with the more stiff and calculated Prowl. Though the two often clashed because of their different personalities, Jazz nonetheless respected Prowl for his logical nature and Prowl, in turn, respected Jazz for his abilities as a spy and special ops agent.

   After the Cataclysm of 9701, Jazz joined the crew of the Ark II as it set out in search of the Allspark, serving as Optimus Prime’s right-hand bot along with Prowl. When Optimus was captured by bounty hunters, Jazz assumed temporary command of the Ark as it traveled to the colony world of Aquatron and rescued Optimus from the Quintessons.

   The crew would eventually make it to Earth, where they crash-landed and remained in stasis lock for the next century. Among the first to be reactivated, Jazz resumed his duties as special ops agent for Optimus Prime’s team of Autobots as they dealt with Megatron’s Decepticons as well as Scorponok’s Machination operations. When Optimus went missing again, Jazz and Prowl assumed leadership of Team Prime until the Autobot leader managed to free himself from the Dead Universe, defeating Scorponok in the process.

   Two years later, after the threats of Unicron and Thunderwing had been dealt with, Jazz was part of a team of Autobots that returned to Earth in order to protect it from the forces of the Grand Architect.

  • Home city: Iacon
  • Born: Cycle 7814
  • Alternate mode: Race car

   Mirage was born into a life of privilege and prestige. Forged at the onset of the Golden Age, Mirage was able to take advantage of Cybertron’s booming economy and was able to not only buy himself out of the Functionists’ class system but an estate in Translucentica Heights as well, hunting turbofoxes with his upper class friends in his spare time.

   When the Decepticons returned, everything Mirage had come to expect from life was swiftly ripped away from him. Forced to work alongside the commoners he had once seen as beneath him, Mirage came to see the corruption that had plagued Cybertron for nearly a thousand years and understand the plight that his newfound comrades had suffered during those times. This lit a fire in his spark and pushed him into fighting the threat of the Decepticons, using his invisibility powers to sneak behind enemy lines. While his distaste for the Decepticons was genuine, some of Autobots had a tendency to distrust him because of his powers and privileged upbringing.

   During the early days of the war, Mirage worked as a guard at the New Institute. He was later part of a unit commanded by the future Optimus Prime, who trusted Mirage despite others being wary of him. It was because of this trust that Optimus selected Mirage to serve on the Ark II as it departed Cybertron in Cycle 9701. After crash-landing on Earth, Mirage would be awakened over a century later and rejoined his fellow Autobots in the fight against the Decepticons.

   Two years later, Mirage would return to Earth as a member of the Autobot Earthforce.

  • Home city: Petrex
  • Born:
  • Alternate mode: Police car

   Patient and calculative, Prowl serves as the Autobots military strategist and is one of Optimus Prime’s top lieutenants. As head of the Autobot Secret Service, Prowl has overseen a number of top secret operations that only those at the very top are aware of. While many find him impersonable, Prowl nonetheless deeply cares for the future of Cybertron and will stop at nothing until the Decepticons’ tyranny has been ended.

   Constructed cold in Petrex, Prowl was brought up in a strictly functionist society and learned to appreciate rules and discipline. Coming to serve in the Cybertron Security Force’s Mechaforensics Division, Prowl was close friends with Tumbler and the two worked together on many a mission. In the years leading up the Second Great War, Prowl and Tumbler came to investigate the mysterious deaths of several members of the Cybertron High Council, many who were covert supporters of the Decepticons. During this time Prowl became acquainted with Elite Guardsman Optronix, who would later go on to become the Decepticon leader Megatron.

   When war broke out, the Autobot Secret Service was formed by Zeta Prime and Prowl became one of its earliest members. He worked closely with the scientist Mesothulas, who came to develop a number of unorthodox, borderline-immoral inventions. Sickened by the depths his partner had gone to, Prowl had the Wrecker Impactor throw Mesothulas into his dimensional prison and destroy his lab, sparing only an artificial Transformer Mesothulas had created.

   Doing this did little to assuage the doubts Prowl had been harboring under Zeta Prime’s leadership. Thus, when the Great Exodus came, Prowl attempted to leave aboard the Peaceful Resolution. However, the ship was shot down over the Manganese Mountains and all on board were killed save for Prowl. Realizing that running was not the answer, Prowl returned to the Autobots and continued work in the Secret Service.

   Sometime after Optimus Prime became leader of the Autobots, Prowl was made Director of the Secret Service, entrusted with overseeing its clandestine operations.

   In Cycle 9701, following Thunderwing’s cataclysmic rampage, Prowl joined Optimus’ crew of Autobots as they set out in search for the AllSpark. Their journey eventually took them to Earth, where the Ark II crash-landed and the Autobots were knocked into stasis for the next hundred years. When a volcanic eruption awakened a select number of Autobots, Prowl was among those brought back online and he went on to help Optimus establish operations on Earth, working in conjunction with Sector Seven. 

   While the Earthbound Autobots dealt with Decepticons as well as the mysterious Machination faction, Prowl continued to direct his operatives within the Secret Service. Upon receiving word of the Decepticons meddling in Earth’s distant future, Prowl sent his agent Skids to deal with Windtrail and his party. After the time-traveling Decepticons had been dealt with, Prowl tasked Skids with tracking down Rollbar, having read up on the rogue agent’s actions and his shady past.

   When Optimus Prime was captured upon the Heralds of Unicron making themselves known and taking over Cybertron, Prowl and his co-lieutenant Jazz were forced to take up command of the Earthbound Autobots. Concerned with Machination having possession of technology from the Institute, Prowl contacted his agent Crosswise to help him dig deeper into the mystery. Not long afterwards, Prime rejoined his crew and, along with the crew of the Lost Light, the Autobots departed from Earth to combat with the threat of Unicron and his Heralds. Shortly before the final battle, Prowl gave Skids orders to kill Rollbar, having since deduced that the ex-agent was the Shifter Sideways.

   Once Unicron and his Heralds had been dealt with, Prowl set his sights on other pressing matters. While his agent Clutch was assigned to report the activities of the Lost Light crew, Prowl sent Crosswise to Earth to further investigate Machination and its connections to the Institute.

   Things got more complicated when the Wreckers informed him of the apparent return of Megatron, though Prowl refused to believe that this “Megatron” was the genuine article. However, before he could carry out further operations, the Wreckers’ base was attacked by Mesothulas — now calling himself “Tarantulas” — who had freed himself from the Noisemaze and had since used it to infiltrate Debris. With the help of his mole Hubcap, Tarantulas proceeded to capture Prowl and the Wreckers and imprison them within the Noisemaze. Through Prowl, Tarantulas also succeeded in hacking into the Secret Service’s network, jamming communications between agents.

   Within the Noisemaze, Prowl was brought to Tarantulas’ newest invention: Impetus, a machine capable of extracting guilt. It was Tarantulas’ plan to extract from Prowl all of the more shadier aspects of the Secret Service and expose them to the public, which would provide the Secret Order with the destabilization it needed to take over Cybertron. Before Prowl could be subjected to Impetus however, he and the Wreckers were rescued by Convoy, who stalled Tarantulas long enough for them to get out of the Noisemaze. They then met up with Rodimus and his crew before delving into Outpost One’s database.

   Unbeknownst to the Autobots, Tarantulas had in fact survived the Noisemaze’s destruction and, via his microscopic size, manipulated Prowl and the Wreckers into boarding the Lost Light as it departed from Outpost One. The mad scientist then lured the crew to the Floating Fortress where all those who were forged were abducted. Despite his constructed cold status, Prowl was among those captured at Tarantulas’ behest, who wanted his former partner to bear witness to the Heralds of Unicron’s plan come to fruition. Ultimately however, the Heralds’ plot was foiled and Prowl returned to his position as Director of the Secret Service, continuing the investigation into the Secret Order’s activities.

    After finding the Order’s base on Mars to be abandoned, Prowl — worried about the Order slipping from their fingers — gave orders to his agents on the Lost Light to hack into the minds of Ariel and Protoform X, who had been former test subjects for the Order. Not long after, he was summoned by Optimus Prime to Necroworld, where the Secret Order had been finally dealt with. Upon arrival, Prowl was encountered by Vector Prime, who wished to punish Prowl for his role in the development of Transwarp technology and thus the muddying of the timeline. Before the ancient Prime could proceed, he was drawn away by the presence of the Matrix of Leadership. After the incident, Prowl withdrew his initial orders to his agents on the Lost Light and returned to Cybertron with his comrades.

   In the following months, the Autobots reestablished operations on Earth, utilizing the Titan Metrotitan as their base. Serving as head of operations, Prowl oversaw the Autobots activities on Earth along with Optimus as they worked on investigating reports of rogue Decepticons on the planet. Upon detecting Cybertronian signatures in Britain, Prowl organized a team led by Rodimus to investigate. Shortly before departure however, Rodimus confronted Prowl over the whereabouts of Dominus Ambus, forcing the Director to confess to the double agent’s true nature.

   Following an encounter with Onyx Prime and his army of beasts at Stonehenge, Autobot City was attacked by the Predacons, who had recently sided with the resurgent Thunderwing. Shortly before the attack, a young Autobot named Evac had his mind invaded by Tarantulas, who led him to Prowl’s office. Caught off-guard by the unlikely assassin, Prowl was unable to stop Evac from firing his gun, which instantly killed Prowl with a single shot. At some point during the battle, Prowl’s corpse was taken away, presumably by Tarantulas.

  • Home city: Vaporex
  • Born:
  • Alternate mode: Ambulance

   Ratchet has served as the Autobots’ Chief Medical Officer since the middle of the Golden Age, appointed by Sentinel Prime. Years of fixing young, turbo-revving punks has given him a dry wit and he is never shy from giving his patients grief for being so flipping stupid.

   As a forged bot, Ratchet’s skills were considered the best by a functionist-based society, with many calling him “blessed by Adaptus”. As an atheist, Ratchet did not buy into any of this and simply did his work. He began his career at the Deltaran Medical Facility, where he made fast-friends with Pharma and Remedy. He was later transferred to the Iaconian Academy of Science and Technology, where he met rising Autobot star Optronix and the two became good friends. Not long after graduating, Ratchet was made chief medical officer, presumably with Optronix’s recommendation. However, the position left him feeling unfulfilled and, at Optronix’s suggestion, opened a clinic for Empties in Rodion.

   In Cycle 8314, Ratchet helped Optronix in uncovering a plot made by the corrupt members of the Cybertron High Council to tighten their hold on Cybertron. While their efforts were futile, their discoveries nonetheless made Ratchet weary of the government and he consistently remained a thorn in the Functionist Council’s side for the next five hundred years; they were powerless to do anything about him because of his position. In 8814, Optronix was captured by the resurgent Decepticons and turned into the warlord Megatron, taking command of the Decepticons and beginning the Second Great War.

   Ratchet remained as chief medical officer under Optimus Prime, brother of Optronix, and was often part of his inner circle of advisors along with Prowl and Ironhide. As a medic, he was also one of the only bots aware of the secret behind Ultra Magnus and found himself “replacing” several bots within the armor, a task he was never much fond of.

   After the Cataclysm rendered Cybertron a wasteland, Ratchet joined the crew of the Ark II under Optimus Prime to seek out the scattered shards of the AllSpark. Their quest eventually took to them to Earth, where they crashed and were rendered comatose for the next 112 years. Upon reactivation, Ratchet continued his duty as the Autobots’ medic, although he often felt useless at being unable to revive all those still in stasis lock on the Ark. This obsolete feeling only grew with the defeat of Unicron, after which the war was declared over.

   In the hopes of putting himself back to use, Ratchet joined the crew of the Lost Light — not out of any desire to find the fabled Knights of Cybertron but to fix any wayward Autobots they stumbled across along the way. Early on in the quest, Ratchet participated in a story session hosted by Rewind, relating his role in Optronix’s plot to expose the High Council of corruption. He later accompanied Rodimus’ team as they explored the Luna 1 from an alternate universe and met with that universe’s Boltax.

   After Brainstorm’s plot to alter history was foiled, Ratchet accompanied a team down to Garrus-16, which had been overrun by Decepticons. Upon being captured, Ratchet found himself at the mercy of his former colleague Pharma, who with the help of the Monstercon Vertebrake switched bodies with Ratchet, allowing him to infiltrate the crew of the Lost Light. Trapped in Pharma’s body, Ratchet was left stranded on Talrus until he was picked up by the crew of the Vis Vitalis.

   While on the Vis Vitalis, Ratchet kept his true nature a secret until he knew he could trust the crew. During his stay, he examined the dying Thunderclash and confirmed that the famous Autobot had passed away. When the Vis Vitalis arrived at Caminus, Ratchet found out that the Lost Light had also arrived and sought out his crew mate Rung. After explaining the situation to the psychologist, Ratchet directed Rung and Froid to gather their crew mates at the Grand Hall before activating Caminus’ space bridge, transporting them away just as the Secret Order destroyed the Citadel of Flame.

   Upon arriving at Carcer, Ratchet was immediately accosted by his teammates, who thought him to be Pharma, until he was able to convince them of what had really happened. He later accompanied Rodimus and a select team of others to Necroworld, where they met the fabled Necrobot and were sent back to the Lost Light, after which they rendezvoused with the others at Velocitron. When the crew were lured to the Floating Fortress, Ratchet was among those abducted by the Secret Order due to his forged origins. While in captivity, Ratchet was returned to his original body by Pharma, before seeing to the final defeat of the Heralds of Unicron at the hands of a revived Megatron.

   During a visit to Paradron one month on, Ratchet operated on Cannonspring when the mysterious bot started acting strangely. Before he could deduce the source of Cannonspring’s ailment, Ratchet was knocked out by the Optimus clone Convoy as he retrieved Cannonspring and escaped the Lost Light with him. The medic later patched up Megatron following his encounter with the Decepticon Justice Division.

   Ratchet would later see Megatron in his medbay again when the former Decepticon leader started acting strangely after the Lost Light met up with Optimus Prime and his small crew. The doctor was then shortly attacked by Optimus himself, controlled by Nemesis Prime, who was stopped only by the intervention of Megatron after he uploaded the Nemesis virus into himself. After the Secret Order was defeated on Necroworld and Megatron returned the Matrix of Leadership to Optimus (which had been the cause of his strange nature), Ratchet and the other Crusadercons returned to Cybertron to deal with the growing situation surrounding the Order and its founders.

  • Home city: Vos
  • Born:
  • Alternate mode: Car

   Before the war, the brash and reckless Sideswipe was a member of the city-state Vos’ civil defense forces alongside his brother Sunstreaker. Because of their land-based alternate modes, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker were looked down upon by the airborne upper-class that ruled Vos and had difficulty in climbing up the social ladder. What didn’t help matters was Sunstreaker’s narcissistic attitude, which made Sideswipe feel that he was constantly living in his brother’s shadow.

   When the Decepticons returned, Sideswipe was quick to sign up with the Autobots and came to serve under Orion Pax mere days before the latter rose as Optimus Prime. Over the course of the Second Great War, Sideswipe would fight by Prime’s side and was eventually selected to join the crew of the Ark when it departed Cybertron after the Cataclysm. From there, Sideswipe and the rest of Prime’s crew traveled to the colony worlds in search of fragments of the AllSpark before crash-landing on the remote world of Earth, where the Autobots would reawaken over a century later, joining in the fight against the Decepticons, Scorponok, and later the Heralds of Unicron.

   Two years after the defeat of Unicron, Sideswipe returned to Earth as a member of the Autobot Earthforce.

  • Home city: Vos
  • Born:
  • Alternate mode: Car

   Before the war, Sunstreaker and his brother Sideswipe served in the civil defense forces of the city-state Vos. Arrogant and narcissistic, Sunstreaker strove to become a member of Vos’ upper-class (virtually impossible due to his land-based alternate mode) and he compensated for his lack of class by lording over his brother Sideswipe, presenting himself as being better than his more reckless sibling.

   When the Decepticons returned however, and the class system became moot, Sunstreaker found himself humbled and he spent the next several centuries mending his relationship with Sideswipe. By the time they joined the crew of the Ark II under Optimus Prime, the two had become nearly inseparable (even though Sunstreaker was still considerably more narcissistic of the two).

   After reawakening on Earth over a century later, Sunstreaker joined Optimus Prime’s team as they dealt with Decepticons as well as the mysterious organization Machination. Along the way, the Autobots befriended a group of humans, though Sunstreaker was personally put off by associating himself with organics. During a scout mission, Sunstreaker and the human Hunter O’Nion were captured by Machination and brought to their lab in Tampa, Florida. There they began experimenting on Sunstreaker, removing his head from his body and attempting to use it as a means to control their man-made Transformers. He was later found by Hunter, who had broken free, and the human underwent the binary-bonding process with Sunstreaker in order to break the link to the drones. As a result, Hunter became Sunstreaker’s Headmaster partner and the two broke out of the lab, rejoining the other Autobots and helping them defeat Scorponok.

   Following the defeat of Unicron and his Heralds, Sunstreaker joined the crew of the Lost Light as it set out in search of the Knights of Cybertron. When most of the crew became separated from Rodimus’ team at Caminus, Sunstreaker was among those left behind forced to deal with clones of Megatron invading the ship. After regrouping with Rodimus and the others, they set out for Outpost One to rescue the Wreckers, where Sunstreaker made us of his partnership with Hunter to trick the Monstercons (while also weirding out his crewmates). When the Crusadercons came into conflict with the Secret Order at Necroworld, Sunstreaker and three others were forcibly merged with Cyclonus to create the combiner Galvatronus, thought the gestalt was eventually defeated.

   A year after the Order and Thunderwing had been defeated, Sunstreaker returned to Earth as a member of the Autobot Earthforce.

  • Home city:
  • Born:
  • Alternate mode: Camper truck

   Trailbreaker is one of the most friendliest Autobots you’d ever meet. However, all of his jokes and good-cheer are a facade to hide his low self-esteem. He can almost always be found at a bar drowning his sorrows while laughing and singing with his friends, all the while feeling like a one-trick-pony who’s always being taken for granted.

   Before the war, Trailbreaker was a student at the Jhiaxian Academy of Advanced Technology, where High Councilor Shockwave helped him control his “outlier” ability to generate force fields. After graduating, he became a member of the Ethics Committee and voted against Mindset’s “Power Core Combiners” proposal.

   During the early days of the Second Great War, Trailbreaker joined some of his fellow “outliers” in helping Orion Pax expose the corrupt activities of Zeta Prime’s government. Although their efforts came to no avail, Trailbreaker remained supportive of Orion Pax’s cause and was more than happy to follow him when he became Optimus Prime.

   After the Cataclysm, Trailbreaker joined the crew of the Ark II in search of the AllSpark. When the Ark crashed on Earth, Trailbreaker was knocked into stasis lock and remained so for the next hundred years. He was eventually revived by Ratchet and joined in the fight against Scorponok and his Machination organization.

   Following the defeat of Unicron, Trailbreaker joined the crew of the Lost Light as it set off in search for the Knights of Cybertron. Throughout the quest, Trailbreaker was a frequent patron at Swerve’s bar and could always be found drowning himself in specialized energon or oil. After Brainstorm was apprehended for his time traveling endeavors, Trailbreaker sat on the Ethics Committee which presided over his trial. Not long after, he was part of a team that headed down to Garus-16 to rescue Rodimus and others after they had been captured by Gigatron and his Monstercons. This would not be his last encounter with the Monstercons as, following an incident involving the Secret Order and their Megatron clones, Trailbreaker joined his fellow Crusadercons in battling them at the Secret Order’s Outpost One.

   Following this incident, Trailbreaker was among those abducted by the Secret Order so that his forged spark could be used to power a portal to the Dead Universe. Before this plan could be carried out, Trailbreaker was freed by the crew’s constructed cold members and took part in a final showdown with the Heralds of Unicron. Later on in the quest, the Crusadercons encountered the remaining members of the Secret Order on Necroworld. During the ensuing battle, Trailbreaker was forcibly merged with Cyclonus and others to create the combiner Galvatronus. After Galvatronus was defeated and dismembered, Trailbreaker and the others recovered at the medibay.

   Trailbreaker was still on the Lost Light a year after the Thunderwing conflict, enjoying himself at Swerve’s as ever. However, when the crew finally found Cyberutopia — which turned out to be nothing more than a simulation generated by the medical station Mederi — Trailbreaker and others began frequenting the bar less. When the Destructons invaded the Lost Light, Trailbreaker did his part to defend his fellow Crusadercons from the destructive machines, though this did not stop them from killing many of his crewmates.

  • Home city: Ultirex
  • Born:
  • Alternate mode: Sports car

   Wheeljack enjoys his craft a little too much. Creative as much as he is resourceful, he tends to go overboard with his inventions, which more often than not tend to blow up in his face rather than actually work.

   Brought up in Ultirex, Wheeljack attended a technoversity in his home city where he met his good friend Ferak. By Cycle 8814, he had become a member of the Science Division, working alongside the likes of Perceptor. That same year, Wheeljack accompanied a team of Autobots led by Optronix into Decepticon territory. The mission went awry however when Optronix was captured by the Decepticons and transformed into the dark warrior that would eventually take on the name Megatron.

   After the Cataclysm, Wheeljack joined a crew of Autobots led by Optimus Prime as they set off in search of the AllSpark. The Ark II would eventually crash-land on the planet Earth, where over a century later Wheeljack would be among the first Autobots awakened. During the Autobots’ stay on Earth, he constructed a GroundBridge — which operated similarly to a standard space bridge — to allow the Autobots to travel anywhere on the globe where the Decepticons or their newfound enemy Machination were operating. When the Autobots got their hands on a Machination device, Prowl had Wheeljack analyze it and the engineer discovered that it had been built with Institute technology.

   Several months after the Unicron War and the Autobots had returned to a restored Cybertron, Wheeljack discovered strange occurrences happening across the planet and came to the hypothesis that Cybertron was somehow growing. Later, he returned to Earth to work at Autobot City.

  • Home city: Iacon
  • Born: Cycle 8314
  • Alternate mode: Car

   Forged on the same day as Bumblebee, Cliffjumper was passed over when a number of newborn protoforms — including Bumblebee — were captured by Zizza. Because of the chaos that ensued, Cliffjumper was never assigned a caretaker and was instead given a super-brief rundown of everything he needed to know in a data package that he read within a second. This resulted in Cliffjumper being an impatient bot who hated being left in the dark and was often distrusting of his fellow Autobots.

   In Cycle 9701, Cliffjumper joined the crew of the Ark II as it set off in search of the AllSpark and later ended up on Earth. After the defeat of Unicron, Cliffjumper returned to Earth to investigate reports of mysterious Cybertronian sightings. He would later be a member of the Earthforce sent to protect the planet from the forces of the Grand Architect.

  • Home city:
  • Born:
  • Alternate mode: Car

   Before the war, Windcharger was a student of the Jhiaxian Academy of Advanced Technology, where he was trained to hone his “outlier” powers to magnetize metal objects. In Cycle 8314, Windcharger was part of a team of outliers who helped the Elite Guardsman Optronix investigate a conspiracy surrounding Sentinel Prime and the corrupt High Council. He later became friends with Optronix’s brother Orion Pax and helped him a similar investigation involving Sentinel’s successor Zeta Prime.

   In 9701, Windcharger joined the crew of the Ark II as it set out in search of the AllSpark before ending up on Earth. Two years after the defeat of Unicron, Windcharger was assigned to guard the seemingly-deceased Guiltaur only to be killed by the fusion when it reawakened.